RES Sixth Graders Celebrate

Friday, May 31, 2013
Rector sixth graders Chance Cobb, Tanner Faries and Thomas Anderson celebrate following the sixth grade honors program Thursday at RES.

Rector sixth graders celebrated the completion of elementary school Thursday with a special honors program.

The event honored all RES sixth graders: Thomas Anderson, Dillon Arnold, Britney Bowers, Chase Beaver, Jaquelin Beck, Hailey Berry, Dalton Brown, Brexton Break, Gabriona Clark, Gracie Cox, Chance Cobb, Evan Dooley, Erica Edwards, Tanner Faries, Alexia Fuwell, Mylesa Gant, Jade Green, Kale Hardin, Lauren Haneline, Skyler Hill, Jacob Hayes, Jeremiah Householder, Tyler Jones, Bethany Keas, Hunter Keas, Colton Lindsey, Drake Lindsey, Karen Lopez, Conly Lockhart, Tailer McElhaney, Zachary McCluskey, Mason Mode, Ashlyn Mills, Taisha Morgan, Savannah Potter, Hadden Parrish, Shianne Rients, Gracyn Robinson, Colbie Robinson, Vanessa Rose, Sarah Robinson, Reece Shipley, Treyson Rodden, Makenna Speer, Hayden Sims, Taylor Steward, Alvin Stokes, Trent Tooley, Julie Walker, Skyler Walker and Kalaab McCollum.

Sarah Robinson, Conly Lockhart and Colton Lindsey led the Honor Students, each finishing with a 4.0 GPA. Other Honor Students were: Shianne Rients, Drake Lindsey, Tailer McElhaney, Evan Dooley, Dalton Brown, Gabriona Clark and Ashlyn Mills.

Presidential Awards, the top awards presented on the day, went to Colton Lindsey, Drake Lindsey, Conly Lockhart, Tailer McElhaney, Shianne Rients and Sarah Robinson.

Awards for aving the highest averages per subject went to: Colton Lindsey, Math; Conly Lockhart, Math; Colton Lindsey, Science and Social Studies; Conly Lockhart, Science and Social Studies; Shianne Rients, Reading; Sarah Robinson, Reading; Colton Lindsey, Reading; Shianne Rients, Language; Sarah Robinson, Language; Conly Lockhart, Spelling and Tailer McElhaney, Spelling.

Citizenship awards were presented to Colton Lindsey, Tailer McElhaney, Colbie Robinson, Sarah Robinson, Makenna Speer, Hailey Berry and Shianne Rients.

Gifted and Talented awards were presented to Shianne Rients, Tailer McElhaney, Colton Lindsey, Conly Lockhart and Sarah Robinson.

Thomas Anderson was recognized for having the most Accelerated Reader points by far with 273. Also recognized were Gracie Cox, 111.9; Shianne Rients, 114.8 and Ashlyn Mills, 107.1.

Jaquelin Beck, Tanner Faries, Dalton Brown, Gracie Cox and Drake Lindsey were recognized as class spelling bee winners.

Conly Lockhart was awarded for having Perfect Attendance for the year.

Individual Field Day awards were presented to the winning students. In team Field Day events, Mrs. Christin Holmes' class emerged victorious in each event.

Elementary principal Nate Henderson handed out certificates of completion to the students at the ceremony's end.

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