Casey's General Store Coming to Piggott

Friday, May 31, 2013
Site preparation continues at the corner of East Main and North Thornton in Piggott, as work is underway on the new Casey's General Store.

Site preparation is underway at the corner of East Main and Thornton in Piggott, as work has begun on the new Casey's General Store convenience store project. According to a company spokesman, the target date for opening is September.

"Dependant on the weather we hope to have the location open by sometime in September," Brian Johnson of Casey's noted. "The store will feature a four-quad set of pumps, or eight fueling positions, under canopy of course."

Casey's General Stores are common in much of the country, as they operate 1,750 stores in 14 states, but are relatively new to Arkansas. The company does have a strong presence in Southeast Missouri, and has a variety of locations in the area including stores in Kennett, Campbell, Malden, Bernie and Senath.

"This will be one of our newer designs and will have some new features along with our famous pizza and donuts," Johnson added. "Most people don't know, but Casey's is one of the top 10 retailers in the country for pizza and donuts--they're a couple of our flagship items."

The new offerings for the Piggott location will include Casey's made-to-order sub sandwich program. "It's a great program--we bake our own bread and prepare each sandwich from fresh ingredients to the customer's specifications. And, we actually have a greater variety of toppings than Subway or Blimpies, it's been very popular."

Johnson also noted the store will include another feature not found in all locations, an expanded coffee bar. "This is another project that has been very well received, and we think people are really going to like it," he added. "We'll have a machine offering several varieties of flavored coffees, plus cappuccino and an iced coffee machine--that's in addition to our regular fountain drinks. We've come a long way from the days when we just had two pots of coffee, regular and de-caf."

He also observed the company is very familiar, and comfortable, with a market such as Piggott's, as many of their stores are located in smaller cities. "We're looking forward to completing the project and opening the Piggott store," he added. "Over half of our stores are in cities of 3,500 or less--we are considered pretty much a rural Midwest operation."

Johnson noted it was still undecided whether the new store would be open 24 hours or not, "most of our stores are not, but that has yet to be decided," he added. He was also unsure how many employees would be working at the new location, adding the number would be determined later based on the hours of operation.

The store is being constructed on the northwest corner of the East Main--Thornton Avenue intersection, at the traffic light, in Piggott. The north portion of the site was occupied by several homes, since demolished. Meanwhile, the southern part of the lot was the former location of Taylor's Grocery and the Taylor home.

According to the construction plans, the building will be located at the north end of the lot facing south.

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