Junior Golf League Program Coming to SCCC

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Young players interested in learning the game of golf will have the opportunity to do so through a program coming to the Sugar Creek Country Club in Piggott beginning June 20. The Tri-State Junior Golf League will focus on educating players ages six to 18. Participating students will receive first-hand instruction in the basics of golf including the golf swing, rules of the game and golfing etiquette. Sugar Creek Country Club will be one of over a dozen sites hosting the eight week course, in addition to other courses in northeast Arkansas, southeast Missouri and west Tennessee.

The program is designed to provide professional golf instruction to a wide range of young players. Students who register will have all of the necessary instruction tools provided. Players will not be required to have their own clubs or golf balls to participate in the program.

Sponsored by Arkansas Northeastern College and led by program director C. W. Cummings, a former tour professional and longtime golf instructor, the league begins with an eight week instruction program during the summer before beginning competition with other participating courses beginning in the fall.

"It's designed to help players get past the intimidation part of the game of golf," Cummings said of the program. "A lot of times the first introduction to the game of golf is out on the course. For many players, the difficulties in starting out lead to frustration and they eventually turn their back on the game. This program will help them overcome that by practicing with game conditions."

Cummings said the instruction helps avoid the stress and frustration of learning the game by first focusing on the basic elements away from the course. By going through each aspect of the game and utilizing training tools such as targets and green boxes, the program softens the difficult learning curve as opposed to stepping on the course the very first day. Young players are able to hone their skills and learn the proper mechanics en route to becoming better, more complete players.

The program is designed to offer something for players of all skill levels. Beginners will receive a general overview of the game and learn the fundamentals of golf. Students with more experience will refine their strengths and receive focused assistance on any weaknesses. Advanced students will improve their knowledge while learning more in regards to executing their swings and improved decision making on the course.

The Sugar Creek Country Club program is set to begin at 11:45 a.m. Thursday, June 20. Cost for the program is $60, and is payable to Arkansas Northeastern College. Registration forms are currently available at Sugar Creek Country Club. Registration also is possible by contacting the ANC Department of Community Education at (870) 762-3167 or (870) 762-3168 or by emailing lellington@smail.anc.edu. The program is open to any young player in the surrounding area.

The program will feature a safe, family atmosphere. Parents are invited to bring lawn chairs and watch their child participate in the Tri-State Junior Golf League, in both the educational and competition stages.

"There's a great atmosphere there at Piggott, and we certainly want parents to feel welcome when we're there," Cummings said. "If they want to come out and watch their child as they take part, that's great. If they're busy, we want them to know their child will be looked after until they come pick them up."

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