Junior Mohawk Tennis Clinic Held

Thursday, June 20, 2013
Those taking part in the Mohawk junior tennis camp at the municipal courts last week included, from left: Front--Aden Baggett, Jessie Henson, Taylor Peters, Brooke Shipley, Emily Conley, Macey Powell, Ava Baggett and Walker Johnson. Back--Aaron Mauldin, Tyson Peters, Callie Henson, Jake Toombs, Nate Brantley, Case Gookin, Shawn-Hudson Seegraves, Jackson Howell, Alyssa Blair and Chloe Matthews. (courtesy photo)

A total of 21 young athletes took part in the annual Mohawk Junior Tennis Clinic, held at the Piggott municipal courts June 12 to 14. Each spring longtime PHS tennis coach Paul Seegraves puts on the free clinic for up and coming local tennis talents, culminating with a skills competition and tournament.

This year there were 11 girls and 10 boys taking part in the clinic including Ava Baggett, Alyssa Blair, Emily Conley, Callie Henson, Jessie Henson, Ryleigh Latham, Chloe Matthews, Taylor Peters, Macey Powell, Katelyn Robertson, Brooke Shipley, Aden Baggett, Nate Brantley, Case Gookin, Joseph Hardin, Jackson Howell, Walker Johnson, Aaron Mauldin, Tyson Peters, Shawn-Hudson Seegraves and Jake Toombs.

Winners in the girls division in the skills competition included Chloe Matthews for accuracy and the homerun derby; Alyssa Blair for volley, forehand and serving; Ava Baggett for forehand; Callie Henson for forehand, backhand and serving and Brooke Shipley for forehand and serving. Callie Henson also took the All-Around title for skills.

Winners in the boys division for the skills competition included Shawn-Hudson Seegraves for homerun derby, forehand and serving; Aden Baggett for accuracy; Tyson Peters for volley; Jackson Howell for forehand and Jake Toombs for backhand. Seegraves was winner of the All-Around skills title.

In the first round of the girls tournament Taylor Peters defeated Jessie Henson 7-3. In the second round Alyssa Blair beat Taylor Peters 7-1, Emily Conley downed Ava Baggett 7-6, Brooke Shipley defeated Macey Powell 7-0 and Chloe Matthews beat Callie Henson 7-4.

In the semi-finals it was Blair over Conley 7-4 and Shipley got by Matthews 7-4. Conley then went on to beat Matthews for third place 7-5 and Blair took the title over Shipley by a final of 7-4.

In the consolation tournament Baggett beat J. Henson 7-1 in the first round and Peters in the second 7-2. Also in the second round Henson defeated Powell 7-1. The consolation championship then went to C. Henson as she beat Baggett 7-2.

In the first round of the boys tournament Nate Brantley beat Case Gookin 7-1. In the second round it was Shawn-Hudson Seegraves over Walker Johnson 7-0, while Tyson Peters downed Jake Toombs 7-5, Jackson Howell defeated Brantley 7-6 and Aden Baggett downed Aaron Mauldin 7-2.

In the semi-finals it was Seegraves over Peters 7-0 while Baggett defeated Howell 7-5. The third place match then went to Howell as he defeated Peters 7-4. In the championship set Seegraves took his fifth championship as a participant of the clinic with a 7-1 win over Baggett.

In the consolation tournament Toombs beat Gookin 7-4 in the first round. In the semi-finals it was Brantley over Mauldin 7-4 while Toombs got by Johnson 7-6. The consolation championship then went to Brantley with a 7-0 win over Toombs.

Seegraves was assisted by Quinton Mauldin, along with Heather and Emilee Seegraves, in putting on the annual clinic and offered his thanks for all their help.

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