Neighbor 2 Neighbor Clean-Up Effort a Success

Thursday, August 22, 2013
This group of volunteers gathered in Rector Saturday to take part in the second annual Neighbor 2 Neighbor clean-up event. The group cleaned several yards, alleys and other traffic areas in preparation for Labor Day.

A group of 22 volunteers spent from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 17, in an effort to improve the city of Rector's appearance as the Annual Labor Day Picnic approaches rapidly. Neighbor 2 Neighbor volunteers accomplished all the goals for the day plus several more.

Beginning with the early-birds at 7 AM, work teams began to tackle the curbs and gutter areas on 5th Street. Soon after, several workers broke into another team and took on some needed tasks of mowing and weed-eating on Woodland Heights while others worked on north 3rd Street. Still another team worked 3rd Street at the corner of Main and beyond. An additional team took on a portion of 2nd by the Library and the old Auction Building plus the alley behind businesses on Main Street.

Because of those who volunteered and used two tractors, the N2N group was able to accomplish even more projects than the original goals stated. Litter along the two main highways was picked up, also. The rains lately had filled the ditches, hampering some of these efforts.

The group broke for lunch at noon and enjoyed cheeseburgers, fries and a soft drink prepared by Ginny's Kitchen and paid for by donations from local businesses. After lunch, projects were finished and several yards were bush-hogged, trimmed and raked.

The City of Rector continues to improve its physical appearance and neighbors are more conscious of their yards and property.

Members of the work teams included Martha Thompson, Clarence Huffman, Jane Huffman, Kim Isom, Sandra DeMent, Stephanie DeMent, Stephen DeMent, Amy DeMent, Lowell McKenney, Deanne McKenney, Ben Livingston, Marvin Gatewood, Jane Gatewood, Martha Banks, Mary Banks, Jamey Banks, Sawyer Hendrix, John Hendrix, Cobi Hendrix, Tracy Garner and Steve Horton.

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