How to Be Beautufil

Friday, August 30, 2013

There's no reason why we shouldn't all be beautiful.

Every month in dozens of magazines we are told how we can be more beautiful by using certain makeup products, creams, oils, body washes and diets. And how to slim down by wearing certain styles of clothing. We are told how to get gorgeous hair and healthy summer skin. And how to lose 35 pounds in 35 days. And how face massages can reduce wrinkles. And eye creams that are upper eyelid lifters. And facial sculpting creams for sagging skin. It visibly lifts, tightens and tones skin for a more youthful defined appearance, just $79. And eyeliner that gives cat-eye lashes.

In the September issue of Redbook there's an article that tells us how to improve our bodies through a cookie diet. Of course, there's more than that to the article, and the cookie is a special concoction that is fat free, low calorie. And it is a treat, not a mainstay.

We are to cut out or cut back on alcohol, forego potatoes, bread, pasta and sugar. And to cut back on saturated cooking oil, too.

If we did all the articles recommend, that's all we would accomplish in a day's time. But we would be beautiful.

What I have noticed is that all the womens' magazines direct their articles to the younger women.

There aren't any beautiful over 60 women pictured on the cover or inside the cover.

Instead there are gorgeous young women in underwear touting brassieres with no wires.

And pretty women advertising hairspray with a bounce-back hold even in 90 percent humidity. Those women are always sexy and vivacious, not old.

It's as though older women don't exist or don't need fixing.

About the only articles directed to the older woman are face lifts or tummy tucks and liposuction.

As I get older, I resent that older women are ignored, relegated to AARP and Medicare supplement plans. And medical alarms that may save your life in a home emergency. There are articles like toning up the brain, memory boosters and Five Things You Never Knew about Superman. (His middle name is Joseph). And Tools for a Better Brain.

There are advertisments like A simple-to-use computer designed for Seniors. And ads to treat osteoporosis in women after menopause, with meds to help strengthen bones.

Or an article about 80-something Michael Caine, Oscar winner. And an article on Good Side Effects of Your Meds.

Some of them depict award winning actors and actresses. And big league veteran managers like Charlie Manuel and Ron Washington and Buck Showwalter.

There's an ad about regaining your independence by purchasing a walk in shower with fold down seat. But there is no pretty woman illustrating its use.

Now right here let me say that I like AARP. I am a subscriber to the The Magazine AARP. It has some good articles and alerts to scams, eating healthy, traveling and interviews of celebrities and more. It is aimed at readers over age 50. Many of the articles are about people age 60, 70, and 80.

I've seen and known many adults over 50 who are beautiful, handsome.

One woman in particular that I think is beautiful for her over 70 age.

She has smooth skin, good posture, a nice body, and an active one.

She exercises every day through water aerobics or gym or home exercise equipment.

Or through walking about two miles per day.

She devotes part of her day to improving her body, and it shows.

She says she has done this for years. It's just part of her routine.

She appears to be about 50 years old, not in her 70's.

She has learned how to be beautiful.

She's an AARP beauty.