Rector Labor Day Picnic a Big Success

Thursday, September 5, 2013
Miss Rector 2013 is Madison Cate (center), the 17-year-old daughter of Cam and Sherry Cate. Madison was also selected as Miss Congeniality by her fellow participants. First alternate is Anna Blackshare (second from left), the 17-year-old daughter of Bryan and Nancy Blackshare. Haven Cagle (second from right), the 17-year-old daughter of David and Karen Cagle, is second alternate. Third alternate is Kerbi Hatcher (far left), the 19-year-old daughter of James and Nye Hatcher. Fourth alternate is Colby Lynch (far right), the 15-year-old daughter of Bryan and Angel Lynch.

Celebrating Labor Day in Rector is a rich tradition which seems only to grow year after year. The 2013 picnic continued the trend with more fun events for current and former residents and first-time visitors to enjoy.

Saturday night showers brought cooler temperatures Rector, allowing the Sunday's events to continue relatively unimpeded. Though temperatures warmed into the 90s Monday, the bounty of shade at Rector Memorial Park and an intermittent breeze helped most in attendance find a comfortable spot to enjoy the surroundings and the many friends and families present.

The weekend effort generated $70,534.74 for Woodland Heights Cemetery, thanks to the efforts of an army of volunteers.

Friday night fun included large crowds at the Rector Arena for the first night of world class rodeo action, with crowds gathering for more rodeo fun Saturday night. Friday evening also featured the return of the popular Ultimate Oldies Show to the Rector Community Center.

There was a large crowd Saturday afternoon for the Rector High School Athletic Hall of Fame luncheon at the school. Saturday morning featured the first Rector Labor Day 5K Walk/Run, which drew an astounding 291 participants in its first iteration. The second Classic Car, Truck and Tractor Show drew hundreds of "motorheads" and vintage vehicle enthusiasts to Memorial Park on Saturday, as well.

Rector Memorial Park was filled Sunday afternoon with those who enjoyed an early sampling of delicious barbecue and hamburgers and carnival rides (armbands provided an opportunity to ride again and again at a flat fee).

Three early pageants Sunday afternoon again brought to the Rector stage a bevy of beautiful young girls.

There was a huge crowd on hand Sunday night for the second annual Ms. Rector pageant.

Petite Miss Pageant

In the first pageant of the day Sunday, Karrin Henderson was crowned as Petite Miss Labor Day 2013. Karrin is the daughter of Nate and Heidi Henderson of Rector. First alternate is Chloe McCurry, the daughter of Cody and Tiffany McCurry. Hailey Brown, the daughter of Steven and Leslie Brown, is second alternate. Third alternate is Jayle Lopez, the daughter of Carlos and Dorothy Lopez.

Preteen Miss Pageant

Crowned as Preteen Miss Rector in a mid-afternoon pageant Sunday was Carly Rodden, the eight-year-old daughter of Brad and Amber Green of Rector. Runners-up in the contest were: Lexi Green, the daughter of Luke and Danielle Green, first alternate; Kaylee McClung, the daughter of Heath McClung and Vera McClung, second alternate; Morgan Garner, daughter of Tracy and Amy Garner, third alternate and Harleigh Caroline Speer, the daughter of Bekah Speer and Brandon and Lauren Wall, fourth alternate.

Junior Miss Pageant

In the final pageant of the afternoon, Jerrica Stokes, daughter of Felicia Wagster and Troy Johnston and Alvin Stokes and Tammy Beck, was crowned as Junior Miss Rector 2013. Runners-up were: Ashlyn Elizabeth Mills, the daughter of Alisha and Randy Shelton and Nathan and Amy Mills, first alternate; Emma Hobbs, daughter of Roger and Melinda Hobbs, second alternate and Eternitei Lindsey, daughter of Becky and Jason Lindsey, Miss Congeniality.

Ms. Rector Pageant

A large crowd returned to the park Sunday night for the Ms. Rector pageant for women ages 22 years and up who are single or married, graduated from Rector High School or currently live or work in Rector. Crowned as Ms. Rector was Sara Wright, the wife of Bradley Wright and mother to Scott and Sammy Wright. First alternate was Sarah Fannin, the mother of Kannon Hicks. Second alternate was Brittany Hemphill, the wife of James Hemphill and mother of Lane and Brody Hemphill. Liz Mesa, wife of Lalo Mesa and mother of Nicolas Mesa, was third alternate. Fourth alternate was Sherri Douglas, the wife of Jeff Douglas.

Big Day Monday

The streets of Rector were filled Monday morning with folks vying for the best positions to watch the popular Labor Day parade. The parade route was crowded with people all along the mile-long route.

National Guardsmen carried the flags, and sirens blared as the parade started at Main and Third Streets. Director Daniel Van Aalsburg struck up the Rector High School band to lead the way for Grand Marshal Jane Holifield and a long processional to follow.

Area officials and a number of politicians seeking various offices were on hand to ride in trucks or cars, and beauty queens from near and far waved to the crowd. Children scurried to get candy thrown from parade vehicles. Beautiful floats, a long line of vintage antique cars and lots of horses rounded out the big parade.

The winner of the float competition was Cars USA, which featured a "Woody" style vintage cruiser with riders in Americana dress. Second and third place entries were First United Methodist Church and General Baptist Church, respectively.

Park Program

Rector Memorial Park quickly filled with a crowd numbering into the thousands shortly after the parade. The Rector High School Band then took the stage for a short concert which led to Mayor David Freeman offering a warm welcome to all in attendance.

Winning the prize for the oldest people present at the picnic were longtime Rector residents Hughey and Mary Linam, who now reside in Wynne. Hughey is 99 and Mary just turned 100 today (Wednesday). The Linams also were honored as the longest married couple with 75 years together.

Beautiful Babies

In what possibly is the most popular event of the day, beautiful babies and toddlers took the stage with adoring family members and friends smiling and waving on the front rows.

In the first contest, five-month-old Leighton Parson, the son of Aaron Parson and Emily Daniels, was crowned Tiny Mr. Rector 2013. Runners-up in that contest were: nine-month-old Luke Anthony Seay, son of Nathan and Bertha Seay, first alternate; five-month-old Mason Kieffer, son of Clay Kieffer and Whitney Underwood, second alternate and five-month-old Reid Thompson, son of Zack and Angelia Thompson, third alternate.

Crowned as Tiny Miss Rector in the second pageant was seven-month-old Josey Johnson, daughter of Joshua and Holly Johnson. Runners-up were: Jaylene Scott, 11-month-old daughter of Samantha Seymour and Patrick Scott, first alternate; Aubrey Terri Gail Yancey, one-year-old daughter of Samantha Yancey, second alternate and Paisley Emersyn Daniels, five-month-old daughter of Jordan and Lexis Daniels, third alternate.

Winning the title of Baby Mr. Rector 2013 was 20-month-old Kyson Rabah, son of Aaron and Brittany Rabah. Runners-up were: Archer Rabjohn, 14-month-old son of Alan and Tallah Rabjohn, first alternate; Brody Hemphill, 15-month-old son of James and Brittany Hemphill, second alternate; Jaylan Branson, 20-month-old son of Adam and Rachel Branson, third alternate and Levi Midkiff, 22-month-old son of Aaron and Ashley Midkiff, honorable mention.

Crowned as Baby Miss Rector 2013 was 19-month-old Zoey Clayton, daughter of Tracy Clayton. Alternates were: Mackenzie Rhein, 14-month-old daughter of Blake and Laura Rhein, first; Ellie McCurry, 17-month-old daughter of Cody and Tiffany McCurry, second, and Laney Benson, 14-month-old daughter of Landon and Hayley Benson , third.

Little Mr. Rector 2013 is Shane Branson, the four-year-old son of Adam and Rachel Branson. Runners-up were: Christian Tyler Scott, three-year-old son of Patrick Scott and Samantha Seymour, first; Aaron Causbie, three-year-old son of Nathan and Cesha Causbie, second; Dawson McHaffey, two-year-old son of Brittney Moore and Bubba McHaffey, third and Dallas James, three-year-old son of Bre and Kevin James, fourth alternate.

Crowned as Little Miss Rector 2013 was Halen Miller, the four-year-old daughter of Dustin and Heather Miller. Runners-up were: Leslea Mae Parrish, three-year-old daughter of Derick and Ashley Parrish, first; Brileigh Daniels, four-year-old daughter of Emily Daniels and Aaron Parson, second; Kennedy Henfling, three-year-old daughter of Trista Bell and Chris Henfling, third and Rylee Caussey, three-year-old daughter of Jessica and Lee Caussey, fourth alternate.

Miss Rector Pageant

Always a highlight of the day, the 2013 Miss Rector pageant featured a lineup filled with beautiful young ladies.

Winning the crown was Madison Cate, 17-year-old daughter of Cam and Sherry Cate. Madison was also selected as Miss Congeniality by her fellow participants. Those in the court were: Anna Blackshare, 17-year-old daughter of Bryan and Nancy Blackshare, first alternate; Haven Cagle, 17-year-old daughter of David and Karen Cagle, second alternate; Kerbi Hatcher, 19-year-old daughter of James and Nye Hatcher, third alternate and Colby Lynch, 15-year-old daughter of Bryan and Angel Lynch, fourth alternate.

Escorts for the pageant were RHS seniors Alec Scott and Reed Weber.

Winner of a $1,000 drawing at the close of the day was Chase Sain.

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