Wear Something Gaudy

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Did you ever go to your closets and start looking for a certain blouse or sweater to wear, then find something that you forgot you had bought earlier and it still had the price tags on it? And so you wore that item instead of the garment you first looked for?

I have.

Last Monday morning I woke up to a cold house and happened upon a pair of brown corduroy pants. They felt nice and warm while I ate hot oats.

And did you ever lose something and spend hours searching for the lost item, then it is found and you rejoice like the prodigal son's father whose son returned home after squandering his inheritance?

Well, I lost a watch this month and I was miserable until it was found. I fretted all one Sunday because the watch was lost, maybe forever.

The watch wasn't expensive but I liked it and wore it most of the time. Well, a friend of mine found it and that made me very happy.

At the same time, a relative lost his favorite flashlight and he was wild with worry, searching everywhere. He found it exactly where he had last left it. That's usually the way.

Speaking of clothing, did you know that October 17, is Wear Something Gaudy Day? That's your day to really wear something bright, showy, outlandish, gay, cheap or tasteless.

For just this one day, forget fashion and style. Look for something to wear that's wild and wacky, and will stick out like a sore thumb no matter where you go. The roots of this holiday go back to the 1970's sitcom "Three's Company" when Larry Dallas declared a Wear Something Gaudy Day.

Speaking of gaudy, I saw on the Internet where Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Hudson had a fashion faceoff. They each wore an identical gaudy psychedelic rainbow colored long sleeved mini dress that retails for $580.

I wouldn't have paid $5.80 for it. Their matching dresses had loud splotches, wild swirls of blue, yellow, reds. But at least they were high neck dresses without that low cleavage J. Lo is noted for. J. Lo wore royal blue booties (heels), geometric earrings and chunky rings while Jennifer Hudson wore gold chain peep-toe heels.

If I had paid $5.80 for a similar dress my daughter would have reminded me not to wear socks with it.

She gave two pair of capri pants to me this summer and I knew what was coming next. "Wear sandals," she reminded. "Don't wear socks with them, mom. You don't wear socks with capris."

If she's told me once, she's told me a hundred times.

But sometimes, I do. (She wears size six and no socks).

I guess I could have told her that grandmas over 60 shouldn't wear skinny pants and overweight women should never ever wear form fitting tights.

But some do.

Also, those low cut below the navel jeans certainly don't flatter most figures, men or women.

I'll be glad when that fad goes the way of the dodo bird and all jeans are again fitted at the waist.

Last Sunday morning I wore a skirt and dressy blouse to church. And I wore hosiery and heels.

That is almost becoming a thing of the past, too. More and more churchgoers are dressing casually.

Women have cast aside their hosiery, putting bare legs in style. Hollywood started that fashion.

No, not everyone, but many go bare.

At the out-of-town church where I was visiting, the minister wore a suit and tie. The teenage boys on the front row wore khaki pants with belts and long sleeve neatly pressed shirts. A few wore short sleeve knit pullovers but all of them were neatly dressed.

No, church isn't supposed to be a fashion plate but it is nice to see the house respected on Sunday mornings.

Many churches take a more relaxed approach on Sunday nights and during prayer meetings.

I take a relaxed approach on weekdays, sometimes gaudy.