Rector FCCLA Taking Active Role in Community

Thursday, November 14, 2013
Students volunteering through RHS FCCLA include, from left: Front--Sarah Isom, Natalie Varner, Amber Beck, Sienna Behuniak, Avery Bucy, Bailey Hoots, Lindsey Shelton and Torrie Rodriquez. Second tow--Sam Westbrook, Brittany Fair, Daominique Coln, Brandy Laxton, Hunter Kemper, Brittany Loveless, Colby Lynch, Landen Crancer and Garrett Buck. Third row--Lydia Bucy, Courtney Shepard, Marla Crancer, Mikala Arnold, Morgan Parrish, Tabathia Johnson, Mason McCluskey and Nick Hardin. Fourth row--Kylee Beshears, Bailey Haney, Kendal Gunn, Reed Weber, River Rice, Katie Bowers, Alyssa Diddle, Hadleigh Watson and Emily Clayton. Back--Johnna Lopez, Lindsey Ford, Anna Blackshare, Kristen Smart, Harmony Brown, Cheyenne Ellis, Marla Crancer, Bekah Scott and Madeline Garrett. Not pictured are Lacinda Carter, Madison Cate and Erika Howe.

The Rector High School FCCLA (Family Career Community Leaders of America) is continuing its efforts to take an active role in the community.

"The students enjoy working in our volunteer programs," sponsor Sarah Wright said. "They are able to take a more active role in the community and see the rewards of volunteering first-hand."

Thus far this year, FCCLA students have leant their efforts to working one-on-one with students at the preschool for two hours per week, worked at the James W. Graves Head Start Halloween Festival, read to young children at the Rector Public Library and served at a number of local banquets.

Upcoming projects planned include making blankets for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, arts and crafts projects with Rector Preschool students, holding a fundraiser for St. Jude's in December and starting a local clothing bank for Rector students. Even more ideas are in the works, as Wright and her students look to make a difference in the lives of others.

"Volunteering is important, especially in a small community," FCCLA member Sam Westbrook said. "With all of us working together like this, it's not all up to one person or just a few. There are a lot of us involved."

Students who have been active in volunteering through FCCLA include Torrie Rodriquez, Lindsey Shelton, Erika Howe, Bailey Hoots, Avery Bucy, Sienna Behuniak, Amber Beck, Natalie Varner, Sarah Isom, Garrett Buck, Landen Crancer, Colby Lynch, Brittany Loveless, Hunter Kemper, Brandy Laxton, Dominique Coln, Brittany Fair, Sam Westbrook, Nick Hardin, Mason McCluskey, Tabathia Johnson, Morgan Parrish, Mikala Arnold, Courtney Shepard, Grayson Crancer, Lydia Bucy, Emily Clayton, Hadleigh Watson, Alyssa Diddle, Lacinda Carter, Katie Bowers, River Rice, Reed Weber, Kendal Gunn, Bailey Haney, Kylee Beshears, Madeline Garrett, Bekah Scott, Marla Crancer, Cheyenne Ellis, Harmony Brown, Kristen Smart, Madison Cate, Anna Blackshare, Lindsey Ford and Johnna Lopez.

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