Talented Scott Brothers Shine on the Fairways

Thursday, November 28, 2013
Kade (left) and Alec Scott at the state golf tournament

Brothers Kade and Alec Scott were both standouts for the Rector golf team in 2013. The Scott boys, both of whom are recognized as outstanding students and leaders of tomorrow by teachers, represented the Cougars in the 2013 state golf tournament at the Conway Country Club in October. Only 54 golfers are invited to the tourney, marking the brothers among the top in Arkansas high schools.

The state tournament was nothing new to the Kade and Alec, with both competing in their second state-level golf event. Alec, a senior, reached state as a freshman. Kade, a sophomore, has appeared in back-to-back state tournaments.

This season, Kade finished fourth overall at the state event, missing the top three cutoff to advance to the regional event by only one stroke. Going into the 18th hole, the next to last hole in the event, Kade was comfortably in the top three. He sank a 45-foot birdie attempt on the 17th hole to improve his score and standing. He hit a rough patch on the 18th, finishing five over on the hole. Kade finished with an 83 on what is known as a very tough course.

Kade Scott receives his All-State certificate from golf coach Wade Williams

Though the tough finish may have stopped him from advancing, Kade never lost his cool.

"Kade, and Alec, too, always carry themselves with class," RHS golf coach Wade Williams said. "When Kade had those troubles on that hole, he didn't yell or throw his club or anything like that. He just smiled and kept going. They're both like that. They're just great kids to be around."

The Scott brothers are like most brothers in that they usually maintain some form of sibling rivalry.

"When we play (golf), he'll beat me nine times out of 10," Alec, 17, said. "That doesn't keep me from trying to win; it makes me want to win that much more. But we always root for each other and cheer each other on, too. I want him to succeed and he wants the same for me."

When playing in the state tournament this year, the two brothers were able to catch glimpses of each other in passing as their separate groups made their way through the course.

"We'd check to see how the other was doing," Kade said.

"We used hand signals," Alec laughed. "It would be for just a moment, but we could find out a lot with just a few signals."

The brothers have spent countless hours on area courses with their parents, Mike and Penny. They also find a way to play some form of golf no matter where they are.

"We'll putt tennis balls with a baseball bat," Kade laughed. "We'll find some way to play no matter where we are."

The brothers are each other's biggest supporter. Kade, who was named All-State in 2013 and received his certificate from the Arkansas Activities Association last week, is relatively quiet when asked about his personal performances. However, he quickly perked up when mentioning Alec putting within two inches of a cup they set up at the opposite end of the hallway in the hotel they stayed at during the state tournament.

"He put it right next to it," Kade said, reaching for his phone which has a video of the shot saved to it. "He was all the way at the other end of that hallway! You could barely see the cup. It was awesome!"

Though Alec will graduate from RHS this year, he plans to continue golfing with his little brother as much as possible, as well as cheering him on during matches next season.

"Oh yeah, I'm going to keep up with how he and (fellow golf teammate) Lawson (Ford) do next year," Alec said. "Hopefully, I can catch some of their matches."

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