Gifts to Avoid for Christmas

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I'm not advocating that you don't buy any gifts this year. What I'm saying is, there are inappropriate gifts you should not buy. They are "do not buy" gifts.

Husbands should not buy a Swiffer for his wife. No matter that the advertisements tout it as the greatest cleaning mop in the history of our nation; it is not what your wife wants to unwrap this Christmas.

Nor does she want a toilet bowl brush

She doesn't want a toothbrush either, even if it sparkles and has multiple features

Do not buy anything that suggests cleaning house. She'll take it the wrong way.

Neither does she want a hamburger press or a vegetable steamer.

It's probably not a good idea to buy sheets or bath towels either. Or dish towels.

An iron skillet might be a bad idea too.

Don't buy an apron for her, or a spatula or gravy separator.

She would probably like a new purse, but that isn't an easy choice. Even a woman would have qualms about buying a purse for another woman since purses are so varied and have many different sizes, features and designs.

Wives should take care in the gifts they buy for their husbands.

Do not buy a water hose, hoe, snow shovel or rake.

Those items suggest work.

He likely wouldn't appreciate a new jacket to replace the sentimental one he has faithfully worn for the past 10 years. Men don't like to part with their favorite flannel shirt, cap or overalls, even If they are soiled, faded or threadbare (the clothes, I mean).

If he has 25 or more ties in his closet, he probably wouldn't want another one. Same goes for socks.

So what should you buy?

Husbands, may I suggest her favorite cologne. Not just any brand, but her favorite.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend too. They come in all prices, quality and size. There are also many pretty pieces of sterling silver jewelry that cost a fraction of what gold would cost.

There are sterling silver rings and necklaces that are inexpensive and pretty.

A good body powder or body lotion might be a good choice too.

If she has collectibles, a gift to add to her collection could be in order. For example, she might collect dishes, statues of dogs, cows, angels, or decorative boxes

A pretty sweater or blouse would please some wives. Just be sure to find out the correct size. (The store clerk doesn't know).

A good hardback book might be a wise choice if you know the kinds of books she likes.....cookbooks, how to, exercise, romance? A nice CD of her favorite singer might be nice too.

What gifts would be appropriate for a husband?

How about a wallet if his old one is showing wear or is outdated? (Don't buy one if he has wallets from Christmas past stashed in his dresser drawer).

How about tools if he's a handyman or craftsman?

My husband always appreciated a new rechargeable hand tool.

If your husband collects belt buckles or beer steins, you might buy something to add to his collection

If he is a hunter or fisherman, there are many sports items that would be appropriate.

Flashlights are usually a popular gift idea. They are available in all sizes and price range.


Maybe, but I can't offer suggestions in that department.

My microwave clock and my VCR are always out of whack.

Every time the electric power goes off, my answering machine messages are erased, and when it rains, my phone crackles.

My black electric can opener is a beauty. It just doesn't like paper. Before the can opener will operate, I have to peel away the top part of the label first, all the way around. Otherwise, it just chews and chews and doesn't open the can. It's been that way from day one.

I hope some of these suggestions work for you.

Think twice about the "do not buy" gifts.