Silent Night, Holy Night

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oh, Holy Night.

We picture the eve of Christmas as serene, peaceful, calm.

Everyone is cozy and warm, by the glow of the fireplace. Outside the snow is softly filtering, blanketing the countryside with awe and beauty.

The air is crisp and cold in this winter wonderland.

The children are asleep, awaiting Santa's arrival.

Inside, daddy is furiously trying to find where those last six screws are supposed to go in the easy to put together one-of-a- kind must have under the tree toy for 2007.

Mom is frantically trying to complete the last minute preparations for the Christmas dinner. Her cake has flopped and the slaw tastes a bit bitter. Too late to buy more cabbage; the stores close early on Christmas Eve. But the pumpkin pie is perfect and the ham will be good.

The dog has an upset stomach but refuses to go outdoors in the cold. The Christmas carols on the CD player are grinding and pausing. The First Noel sounds like the Chipmunks as it squeals out the tune.

There are still some last minute gifts to wrap for guests.

But tomorrow, family is coming for Christmas dinner.

That's the important thing.

Time for engathering of family members who will celebrate the birth of the newborn King.

He doesn't care about trivials at this time of year.

Let others squabble about whether it is appropriate to say "the holidays" or "Merry Christmas."

If the town doesn't allow a nativity scene on the courtsquare, put one in your own yard.

Instead of giving your children a lot of presents you can't afford and they don't need, spend time with them. Read to them about the birth of the baby Jesus and tell them the reason He came to earth. Hug them and kiss them, and listen to them.

Give people a warm greeting and a smile this busy season.

Enjoy the candlelight services, the Christmas cantatas, the fellowship with each other..

Forget that the no fail fudge failed.

No one will remember anyway.

Merry Christmas!

It is the night of the dear Savior's birth.