A Sense of Humor

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I like a person with a sense of humor.

A study finds that a "sense of humor" is the quality most attractive to women.

I agree.

On Thursday I made a phone call and dialed a wrong number.

I asked if I was speaking to Wal-mart.

The (business) man who answered said, "No, but we have a greeter."

I thought that extremely funny.

I once had a dear friend who had a natural sense of humor, a dry wit.

No, he didn't sit around telling jokes all the time. He just found humor in everyday things that I overlooked.

I liked being with him, because of his outlook on life. He made me laugh a lot.

I did have another friend who told one joke after another. In one evening, he would tell a dozen or more jokes.

In fact, he retold the same jokes quite often.

I tired of that in a hurry.

Several years ago when my children were small, I had a close friend that I loved being around.

She had five young stair-step children who kept her busy all day long.

Yet she laughed a lot, with them and at them. And so did her husband. They laughed and liked to recall funny things that had happened to them. While he retold a ladder incident, she howled with laughter. Seems he was trying to repair the eave of their house. But he was standing on a shaky ladder as he worked. Her job was to hold the ladder steady. But she heard the phone in the house ring so she immediately ran for the phone, leaving him teetering on the ladder. "There I was, holding on for dear life,." he said. "She wasn't about to miss a phone call."

There was never a dull moment at their house. Even when the children became teenagers, their home was like Grand Central Station, with kids coming and going. The home was an open invitation to all the children's friends. And there was always laughter. That's why I liked being around them.

I've come to believe that we should surround ourselves with that type person. Someone who is alive and energetic is good for the soul.

Who wants to be with a sourpuss who is constantly complaining about their lot in life? People tire of a woe is me person..

I have a friend who is a constant support. No matter what happens, she is encouraging, always with a word of hope. Yet she has suffered great losses in her own life. She doesn't dwell on that, but keeps busy and laughs a lot. I have been blessed to have her as a part of my life.

Miles separate us, but we keep in contact every week, talking and laughing over the phone. She, too, has a sense of humor that is uplifting..

We are told there is a time to laugh. Ecc. 3:4.

God has given us a gift of a sense of humor.

Someone once said, "After God created the world, He made man and woman. Then to keep the whole thing from collapsing, He invented humor."

Of course, there's a time to weep. But we shouldn't always be sad and serious. So much serious stuff is pulling at us in this society;

home, work, family, church, activities. We need humor, too.

Laughter is your birthright, a natural part of life that is inborn. Think of the tiny infant. An infant begins smiling during the first weeks of life and laughs out loud within months of being born.

As adults we can create opportunities to laugh.

Read a humorous book, watch a funny movie or TV show, seek out funny people, share a funny story, do something silly, goof around with children, make time for fun things, and play with a pet.

Studies show that pets can ease depression, stress, and even heart disease.

I really believe that.

Maybe you are one of those people with a sense of humor.

Author E. B. White wrote that "Whatever else an American believes or disbelieves about himself, he is absolutely sure he has a sense of humor."