Another Winter Storm Impacts Region

Monday, February 3, 2014
The staff of Payless Rentals on the Piggott square clear their sidewalk Monday morning after yet another winter storm dumped frozen precipitation on the region.

Another winter storm impacted the region on Sunday, Feb. 2 leaving Northeast Arkansas under a layer of ice and snow. Temperatures also dropped drastically from the recent mild conditions, adding to the problems.

Local schools closed on Monday, and based on the forecast the prospects for Tuesday appears to be marginal.

Everyone is reminded that all roadways are ice and snow covered, and pose hazardous traveling conditions. Authorities urge those who do not have to get out to remain off the roads until conditions improve.

Piggott city workers began to clear the streets late Sunday, and the result was this pile of snow on the southeast corner of the square Monday morning. Later, the piles will be moved to another location where, hopefully, they'll melt.

The weather conditions and forecast may be found elsewhere on this website.

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