Local Senior Centers Benefit from Grant Monies

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Several regular participants at the Bert E. Sigsby Senior Wellness Center were present Thursday to welcome Rep. Joe Jett. Rep. Jett presented advisory board president Jerry Chilcutt with a $5,000 General Improvement Fund grant. Senior centers in Piggott and Corning also received additional grant funds last week.

The season of giving has continued into 2014 for senior citizens centers in Clay County, as the sites in Rector, Piggott and Corning recently received their second grant in the amount of $5,000 from the State of Arkansas. The most recent grant was presented last week at each location by Rep. Joe Jett of Success.

"I'm happy these funds were available and able to be given to our senior centers here in Clay County," Rep. Jett said. "We, Sen. Robert Thompson and myself, try to get as much as we can for our area. Things like these senior centers are important to our communities, and I'm happy to be able to help in any way I can."

The funds, similar to those dispersed to the senior centers in December, were made available through General Improvement Funds as part of an overall budget surplus in the state. Coming on the heels of funding received last month, each senior center has been awarded an additional $10,000.

"This is just wonderful," Judy Grubb, director of the Bert E. Sigsby Senior Wellness Center in Rector, said. "It's just amazing! In our case, we've struggled to the point where we were afraid the center would be closed three or four years ago. Now, we're looking at things we can add here because of the money we've received from Senator Thompson and Representative Jett."

Grubb and a committee of seniors are considering ways to improve the Rector site.

At Piggott, director Nicole Tinsley noted improvements such as a karaoke machine, ice maker, popcorn machine and new flooring are being considered for purchase through the grant funds.

Participants at all three local centers encourage anyone over the age of 60 to take part in ongoing senior center events. In addition to nutritious meals, each site provides invaluable fellowship, activities, informative meetings and good, old-fashioned fun for area senior citizens.

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