Lin Wins Clay County Spelling Bee

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Louis Lin (center) won the Clay County Spelling Bee at Corning. Second was Maggie Williams (right) while third place honors also went to a Piggott student, Avery Little (left). (photo courtesy Clay County Courier)

"I-L-L-U-S-T-R-I-O-U-S" followed by "P-E-T-R-O-G-L-Y-P-H-S" assured Luis Lin, an student of Piggott High, a trip to the Arkansas State Spelling Bee Saturday, March 1, 2014 in Reynolds Auditorium on the University of Central Arkansas campus in Conway.

Lin remained standing to win the Clay County Spelling Bee, Wednesday of last week, after watching eight others return to their seat.

Each of the three schools in the county, Corning, Piggott and Rector, were represented by their three best spellers in the Bee, which was held in the Corning High School auditorium.

Second place went to Piggott's Maggie Williams. Third place was Avery Little, also of Piggott.

Rector was represented by Jarek Ellis, Sarah Willis and Sydney Wofford.

Participants from Corning were Shawnee Boyd, Will Scobey and Christa Flurry. Also present was Hannah Tutor, Corning alternate.

Of the nine students seated on stage for the event, four were eliminated in the first round. Two more dropped out after during the second round.

Of the three left standing, Ms. Avery spelled into the fifth round leaving Lin and Ms. Little who spelled through seven rounds before Lin took the honors.

In last year's Bee, Lin placed third after missing the word "beguile."

Words pronounced by Chris Conway and spelled correctly by students included Herculean, rappelled, appellate, dodecahedron, gustatory, derivative, mammalian, gluttonous, acrylics, leonine, ombudsman, dawdle and others.

Central Elementary Principal Heather Clifton directed the Bee. Judges for the event were Peggy Taylor of Corning, Constance Johnston of Rector and Cobi Hendrix of Piggott. Charlotte Smith was in charge of recording and video.

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