Gamblin Publishes First Book

Thursday, March 27, 2014
Russell "Bo" Gamblin

Russell "Bo" Gamblin, formerly of Rector, has recently published his first book. "Machine Tools: Specification, Purchase and Installation" was released by McGraw Hill Publishers on Dec. 3, 2013. Designed as a reference tool for manufacturing engineers and project managers, Gamblin and McGraw Hill are now taking steps to have it recognized as a college textbook. The Society of Manufacturing Engineers co-sponsored the publication.

Gamblin brings a lifetime of experience to the publication, having worked in his father's machine shop, Northeast Arkansas Tooling Company (NATCO), when he was a teenager. He is now the Maintenance and Facilities Manager at the Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, in Savannah, Ga. Their products are steam turbines and gas turbines used by the large power utilities.

Having been the project leader/maintenance/facilities engineer for a number of large machine tool purchases and installations at both, Siemens Westinghouse and Mitsubishi Power Systems, Gamblin has seen first-hand the cost of not understanding the relationship of the foundation to the new machine. These machine tools are mammoth, and require a great deal of preparation and site work prior to installation.

After heavy involvement in the purchase and installation of several pieces of this equipment at both Mitsubishi and Siemens Westinghouse plants Gamblin began to think of ways to streamline the purchase and installation process and provide a platform from which to begin the process. Although every site is unique and the requirements vary with each piece of equipment, Gamblin has identified a procedure which can guide and assist an engineer through the process saving time and millions of dollars in unexpected costs.

"Most people don't understand," says Gamblin, "that when you purchase a large machine tool that costs five to ten million dollars, there could be another 20 percent to 30 percent of the purchase price needed to just build the foundation for the machine. Many companies don't have the resources or the technical know-how to support such a big purchase." This book covers foundation requirements, power needs and housing as well as many other environmental needs and specifications. It can help identify potential problem areas and special requirements for a machine of this size saving millions of dollars that might be needed to correct these issues after purchase and installation or relocation.

Time is money in manufacturing. When relocating numerous machine tools of this size, not having the knowledge can lead to installations taking longer than anticipated and not having a properly sized foundation. Gamblin believes that the experience and knowledge he has acquired by trial and error over the past years and included in this book can give a better understanding of the requirements and save time and money for the company.

Although Gamblin has been thinking about the need for a book like this for ten years, it only took him a year to complete it and another 6 months to have it published.

Gamblin earned a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology at Arkansas State University in 1994 and also attended classes at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S. Car., and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in both engineering and business management. He has been involved in numerous installations of machine tools over the past years, learning more from each installation.

In addition to engineers, facilities managers and project managers he believes his book will be of interest to those working in manufacturing, purchasing, maintenance and to architects, civil engineers and professional engineers. It will help them to better understand the overall task's needed to properly install a large machine tool.

Gamblin currently lives in Richmond Hill, Ga., just outside of Savannah. He has been married to his wife, Amy Abbotts Gamblin for 14 years. They have two sons, Russell "Trey" Gamblin, III, who is 10-years-old and Parker Gamblin, who is eight. Bo graduated from Clay County Central High School in Rector in 1989.

He is working on a second book now which is about half-way finished and another that is in the preliminary phase. As the industry needs change, he can see "Machine Tools: Specification, Purchase and Installation" requiring additional revisions and sequels.

"Machine Tools: Specification, Purchase and Installation" can be purchased from McGraw-Hill Professional, Tower Books,, Barnes and Noble, and many other book stores. More information on the book is available at:

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