Rector Memorial Park A Treat for Residents

Thursday, April 3, 2014
The group of residents, staff and volunteers from Rector Nursing and Rehab who enjoyed a morning visit to Memorial Park Monday included, from left: Front--Adam Shrout, Cleta Simmons, Zatta Mouser, Ruth Grein and Curtis Campbell. Back--Glenda Camacho, Betty Lewis and Natosha Dobbins.

As weather conditions move farther from winter and fall more in line with the traditional settings of early spring, the attraction of the outdoors is becoming greater for many. On Monday, an enthusiastic group of residents from Rector Nursing and Rehab enjoyed a visit to Memorial Park. Residents Glenda Camacho, Adam Shrout, Cleta Simmons, Zatta Mouser, Ruth Grein and Curtis Campbell were joined by volunteer Betty Lewis and CNA Natosha Dobbins on the outing. Braving the occasional cool breeze, the group enjoyed the sights and sounds of spring, including the warming rays of the sun.

"It's nice to get outside for a little while and enjoy the sunshine," Mouser, 64, said. "It's a nice change of pace."

"We thought it would be nice for them to get outside for a little while," Lewis said. "It wasn't too cold or raining right now, so we thought we'd come out to the park."

"We bundled up because there's still a breeze," Dobbins said. "I think they were happy to have the chance to get out, especially with the long winter we've had."

The park's paved walking trail and pathways made traversing the park easier for those residents in wheelchairs.

"These paths let us go all over," Mouser said. "It's quite nice."

Two residents took their visit even farther, enjoying the park's playground equipment. Shrout, 92, and Camacho, 79, let their inner youth emerge, taking to the swings and even the slide. Under the watchful eye of Dobbins, the two residents laughed and played like children at recess.

"I may be 92, but I still have fun," Shrout said. "You've got to enjoy life while you have it."

"He's a cut-up," Camacho said of Shrout. "We've had a big time swinging and going down the slide. I think everyone's looking forward to coming here again."

The park's atmosphere seemed to turn back the clock to some degree for each of the residents present Monday. The songs of birds, emergence of spring foliage and sight of passersby entering and exiting town brought a subtle beauty to the day each could enjoy.

"We'll have to do this again," Lewis told the group. "Hopefully, we'll have some pretty days for it."

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