Graduation Held for RHS Class of 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014
The RHS Class of 2014 poses for one more group photo before the start of graduation Sunday

A large crowd of family, friends, teachers, administrators and other supporters gathered in the Rector gymnasium Sunday to celebrate the graduation of the Rector High School Class of 2014. The event marked the culmination of 13 years of dedication, perseverance and hard work on the part of the students, honoring their transition from high school to the precipice of adulthood and the varied challenges yet to come.

The Rector High School Class of 2014 has already accomplished much. Despite numbering just 36, the group boasts 18 Honor Graduates, a full one-half of the class, in addition to garnering an impressive $729,300 in total scholarships.

The ceremony began with high school principal Wade Williams welcoming the crowd and wishing "Happy Mother's Day" to the mothers and grandmothers in attendance.

Adorned in blue caps and gowns, the Class of 2014 entered the gymnasium as the RHS Concert Band, under the direction of Daniel Van Aalsburg, played the traditional processional.

Senior Bailey Haney gave the heartfelt Invocation for the ceremony.

Addresses then were given by valedictorian Haven Helainah Cagle, daughter of David and Karen Cagle, and salutatorian Anna Catherine Blackshare, the daughter of Dr. Bryan and Nancy Blackshare.

Also recognized as Honor Students for maintaining a 3.5 or higher grade point average in order of class ranking were: Amy Mariah DeMent, Lenae Suzanne Haley, Kristen Elizabeth Smart, Lindsey Gail Ford, Bailey Moray Haney, Kathryne Gail Nicole Bowers, Kylee Nicole Beshears, Madison Nichole Cate, Cheyenne Ruth Ellis, Alec Jonah Scott, Rebekah Kay Scott, Kaylee Brooke Hartsfield, Johnna Marie Lopez, Jordan Taylor Crane, Courtney Ella Shepard and Hadleigh Kaine Watson.

Principal Williams announced the departmental and special awards, which were presented by superintendent Johnny Fowler.

Alec Scott, Amy DeMent and Anna Blackshare were chosen by the faculty as recipients of the Best All-Around awards.

Other awards went to:

Haven Cagle, Art, Business Education, Mathematics, Science and Speech; Anna Blackshare, Athletics and English; Alec Scott, Athletics; Kaylee Hartsfield, Agriculture and Katie Bowers, Social Studies.

Gifted and Talented Awards were presented to longtime participants in the GT Program, including Kylee Beshears, Anna Blackshare, Haven Cagle, Madison Cate, Amy DeMent, Lindsey Ford Lenae Haley, Bailey Haney, Josh Loveless, Alec Scott and Rebekah Scott.

Scholarships were presented to:

Haven Cagle--Clay County Arts Council, $500; National Association of Professional Women, $1,000; Mary Jo Purcell Scholarship, $1,000; Josh Robinson Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; Ralph Simmons Memorial Scholarship, $1,500; MFA Scholarship, $2,500; Arkansas Academic Challenge, $14,000 and ASTATE Pride, $26,880.

Anna Blackshare--Harry and Amy Irby Memorial Scholarship, $250; Rector Hall of Fame Scholarship, $1,000; Ralph Simmons Memorial Scholarship, $1,500; University of Arkansas Chancellor's Scholarship, $32,000 and Arkansas Distinguished Governor's Scholarship, $40,000.

Amy DeMent--RHS Math Club Scholarship, $100; RHS Sports Hall of Fame Book Scholarship, $200; Centennial Bank Scholarship, $250; Schwager-Blackshare Scholarship, $500; Academic Challenge, $14,000 and ASTATE Leadership Scholarship, $32,880.

Lenae Haley--RHS Hall of Fame Book Scholarship, $200; Rector Lions Club Scholarship, $200; Centennial Bank Scholarship, $250; Housing and Development Employee Dependent Scholarship, $1,250; Academic Challenge,$14,000 and Harding University Academic Achievement Scholarship, $22,000.

Kristen Smart--Alan K. Pruett Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; Mary Jo Purcell Scholarship, $1,000; Williams Baptist College Freshman Merit, $1,000; Williams Baptist College Matching Scholarship, $2,000; WBC Special Achievement Scholarship, $2,400; WBC Dean's Scholarship, $12,000; Academic Challenge, $14,000 and Mose Knight WBC Scholarship, $20,000.

Lindsey Ford--Centennial Bank Scholarship, $250; Ralph Simmons Memorial, $1,500; Academic Challenge, $14,000 and ASTATE Pride, $27,880.

Bailey Haney--Corning Area Theatrical Society Scholarship, $250; Robertson Family Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship, $500; Webster University Scholarship, $4,500; RHS Helping Hands Foundation Scholarship, $5,000; ASU Promise Scholarship, $8,000; Academic Challenge Scholarship, $14,000 and Webster University Academic Scholarship, $36,000.

Katie Bowers--Mary Jo Purcell Scholarship, $1,000; RHS Helping Hands Foundation Scholarship, $5,000; Academic Challenge, $14,000 and ASTATE Pride, $26,880.

Kylee Beshears--Mary Jo Purcell Scholarship, $1,000; Arkansas Promise, $8,000; Academic Challenge, $14,000 and Robert and Pauline Crockett Memorial Scholarship, $20,000.

Madison Cate--RHS Hall of Fame Book Scholarship, $200; Centennial Bank Scholarship, $250; Coleen Ford Graves Miss Labor Day Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; Clay County Arts Council Scholarship, $1,500; ASU Johnny Cash Scholarship, $5,000; Arkansas Promise, $8000 and Academic Challenge, $14,000.

Cheyenne Ellis--National Honor Society Scholarship, $100; RHS Hall of Fame Book Scholarship, $200; Academic Challenge, $14,000 and John Melvin Crockett Scholarship, $20,000.

Alec Scott--RHS Math Club Scholarship, $100; WBC Freshman Merit Scholarship, $500; RHS Hall of Fame Scholarship, $1,000; Hamilton Farms Scholarship, $5,000; Academic Challenge, $14,000 and WBC President's Select Scholarship, $20,000.

Rebekah Scott--RHS Hall of Fame Book Scholarship, $200; David Shelton Memorial Scholarship, $500; ASU Bill Carter Scholarship, $5,000; Academic Challenge, $14,000 and ASU Pride Scholarship, $26,880.

Kaylee Hartsfield--RHS Hall of Fame Book Scholarship, Centennial Bank Scholarship, $250; Rector Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, $500; Crowley's Ridge Livestock Association Scholarship, $1,000; Clay County Soil Conservation Scholarship, $1,000; Arkansas Junior Cattleman's Association Scholarship, $1,000; Doma McLuney Memorial Scholarship, $1,500; ASU Johnny Cash Scholarship, $5,000; Arkansas Promise, $8,000 and Academic Challenge, $14,000.

Johnna Lopez--RHS Helping Hands Foundation Scholarship, $5,000 and Academic Challenge, $14,000.

Jordan Crane--Kayley Bell Memorial FFA Scholarship, $1,000; GEROBINA Farms Scholarship, $5,000 and Academic Challenge, $14,000.

Courtney Shepard--RHS Hall of Fame Book Scholarship, $200 and Academic Challenge, $14,000.

Hadleigh Watson--National Honor Society Scholarship, $100 and Academic Challenge, $14,000.

Zach Brown--Lincoln College of Technology Scholarship, $1,000.

Zach Davis--Rector Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, $500.

Vanessa Jones--RHS Helping Hands Foundation Scholarship, $5,000.

River Rice--RHS Helping Hands Foundation Scholarship, $5,000.

Sam Shavalia--American Red Cross Scholarship, $500 and W.I. and Viva Phillips Scholarship, $750.

Chelsey Scott--W.I. and Viva Phillips Scholarship, $750.

Brittany Tracer--Schwager-Blackshare Scholarship, $500.

The aforementioned students were joined by classmates Mikala Jean Arnold, Justice Lee Beck, Troy Adam Dinkins, Kendal Cheyenne Gunn, Jack Westley urt, Joshua Dillon Loveless, Shana Maushelle Loveless, Lloyd Wesley McCluskey, Raven Colette Rice, Cullen Reed Weber and Adrian Colburn Wells in receiving their diplomas near the completion of the ceremony.

The Class of 2014 gathered together during the playing of the class song, "Hall of Fame," before uniting to sing the Alma Mater with the attending alumni and staff.

Alec Scott presented the Benediction, after which the students were presented as graduates. The students exited the court in single file as the RHS band played the Recessional.

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