Clay County Electric Co-Op Turns Back Funds

Thursday, June 5, 2014
CCECC Director Cary Wilson presents a Capital Credit check for MFA, Inc. to Steve McChristian.(courtesy photo)

Clay County Electric Cooperative recently announced it was returning over $590,000 to its member/owners.

Electric cooperatives, such as Clay County Electric Coop, are not-for-profit organizations which are owned by the members they serve. Along with providing cooperative members with affordable electricity, it also pays back capital credits to them as well when profit margins allow.

"Owners are a friend, a neighbor, or a family member who receives electricity from their cooperative," a spokesman noted. "That's why we work so hard to keep the price of electricity as low as possible and consistent with sound business practices--we are working for our member/owners."

With the 2014 total refund of approximately $595,000, Clay County Electric Cooperative Corporation (CCECC) has refunded about $7 million since its inception.

Coop officials noted anyone who is no longer a member/owner of CCECC is still entitled to their portion of capital credits from the years they were members. Due to this, CCECC asks members to keep them informed of current addresses so capital credits may be properly mailed.

Anyone who has questions about unclaimed capital credits, or who would like more information about CCECC's capital credit payment history or plans, may call them at 870 857-3521.

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