Thanks A Lot, Dad

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sunday is Father's Day, a day set aside to honor fathers. It's a day we should thank dad for all he does for us. Many things come to mind.

We should thank him for fixing the lawn mower when he'd rather go fishing.

----for entertaining the in-laws when he'd rather take a nap.

----for laughing when you dented the fender.

----for opening the pickles.

--- for punching the time clock year after year to provide for the family.

----for showing Junior how to drive a car and how to work with tools.

----for practicing backyard pitch.

----for being there.

----for sitting in the bleachers watching another hometown ballgame.

----for giving you flowers for your birthday.

----for compliments, moral support, and encouragement.

----for cooking dinner because mama had to work late.

----for giving spiritual guidance as head of the family.

--- for pumping gas in the family car while it's raining.

----for scaring away monsters under the bed.

----for bathing the dog.

----for shooting marbles with the kids.

----for buying Junior his first pair of cowboy boots.

----for balancing the bicycle while Suzie learned to ride.

----for pulling the sled through the snow.

----for fixing things.

----for saying no when you should say no.

----for pretending the necktie is the greatest gift on earth.

A good father is a teacher, provider, disciplinarian, protector. He is the counterpart of God in the home. He often has unpopular decisions to make and uphold.

Fathers do not mother. They father. That is their role. This role can only be accomplished by a man.

Shortly before her death, Lucille Ball did a television interview with Merv Griffin. He asked a serious and pointed question. "Lucille, what's happened to our country? What's wrong with our children? Why are our families falling apart? What's missing?"

She answered without hesitation. "Papa's missing. Things are falling apart because Papa's gone. If Papa were here he would fix it."

My father has been dead for 35 years and I didn't thank him enough.