Mohawk Tennis Clinic Draws Young Talent

Thursday, June 19, 2014
Those who took part in the Mohawk elementary tennis camp at the municipal courts in Piggott last week included, from left: Front-Brooke Shipley, Emily Conley, Taylor Peters, Autumn Covert and Hannah McBroome. Second row-Max Guite, Thomas Dotson, Ben Rowland, Aden Baggett and Adam Fuller. Third Row-Alyssa Blair, Chloe Matthews, Lacie Underwood, Natalie Brown, Libby Brantley, Jessie Henson and Ava Baggett. Back-Reece Dotson, Aaron Mauldin, Kade Johnson, Shawn-Hudson Seegraves, Nate Brantley, Jackson Howell, Colton Higgins and helper Emilee Seegraves. Not pictured was Jake Toombs. (courtesy photo)

Despite the threat of rain in the forecast, the sixth annual Mohawk tennis clinic drew 25 campers to the Piggott municipal courts June 11 to 13. The clinic, and tournament which followed, were organized by longtime PHS tennis Coach Paul Seegraves, along with his wife, Heather and daughter, Emilee. Throughout the clinic competitions, and the tournament, the group was split into two divisions, boys and girls.

Individual awards were handed-out at the conclusion of the tournament on Friday, along with recognition for those who excelled in the competition. The award winners were as follows--

Those receiving participation awards include Libby Brantley, Natalie Brown, Jessie Henson, Taylor Peters, Lacie Underwood, Reece Dotson, Thomas Dotson, Adam Fuller and Colton Higgins.

Individual winners from the Mohawk Elementary tennis camp tournament were, from left: Front-Jackson Howell, Aden Baggett, Nate Brantley, Emily Conley, Hannah McBroome and Autumn Covert. Back-Shawn-Hudson Seegraves, Aaron Mauldin, Alyssa Blair and Chloe Matthews.(courtesy photo)

Winners of the home run derby were Chloe Matthews for the girls and Aden Baggett for the boys. Meanwhile, the knockout contest winners were Hannah McBroome for the girls and Jake Toombs for the boys. The volley contest winners were Alyssa Blair in the girls division and Shawn-Hudson Seegraves in the boys.

The forehand contest was won by Emily Conley for the girls division, while Nate Brantley, Kade Johnson, Ben Rowland, Jake Toombs and Shawn-Hudson Seegraves tied for the boys. Winners of the backhand competition were Ava Baggett, Emily Conley, Chloe Matthews and Hannah McBroome for the girls and Max Guite and Shawn-Hudson Seegraves for the boys.

There were also ties in the serving competition, with Emily Conley and Brooke Shipley sharing the girls title and Nate Brantley, Jackson Howell, Ben Rowland and Shawn-Hudson Seegraves sharing the boys honor.

And, the overall skills winners were Emily Conley for the girls division and Shawn-Hudson Seegraves for the boys.

Friday the clinic wrapped-up with a championship tournament for both the boys and girls division, with winners crowned at the conclusion.

In the girl's tournament in the first round Autumn Covert defeated Libby Brantley 7-1, Jessie Henson downed Taylor Peters 7-4 and Ava Baggett beat Lacie Underwood 7-4. In the second round Covert got by Alyssa Blair 7-6, Hannah McBroome defeated Brooke Shipley 7-6, Emily Conley downed Henson 7-1 and Chloe Matthews beat Baggett 7-2.

In the semi-finals McBroome got by Covert 7-2 and Matthews downed Conley 7-4. This set up the finals, with Conley beating Covert 7-3 for third place and Matthews edging McBroome 7-2 for the championship.

In the girl's consolation bracket, Baggett beat Brantley 7-2, Shipley downed Peters 7-3 and Blair won over Underwood 7-0. In semi-final action Baggett beat Henson 7-4 and Blair got by Shipley 7-5. This set up the consolation finale, with Blair edging Baggett 7-3 to take the title.

In the boy's tournament in first round play, Aaron Mauldin beat Ben Rowland 7-4, Jake Toombs beat Thomas Dotson 7-2, Colton Higgins got by Kade Johnson 7-6 and Adam Fuller defeated Max Guite 7-2.

In the second round Shawn-Hudson Seegraves downed Mauldin 7-0, Nate Brantley defeated Toombs 7-2, Aden Baggett downed Higgins 7-2 and Jackson Howell beat Fuller 7-4. In semi-final action it was Seegraves over Brantley 7-2 while Howell defeated Baggett 7-4.

Baggett then went on to defeat Brantley 7-5 for third place, while Seegraves downed Howell 7-3 in the finals to take the title for the sixth year in a row.

In the first round of the boy's consolation bracket, Rowland beat Fuller 7-6, Higgins downed Dotson 7-2, Johnson edged Toombs 7-2 and Mauldin defeated Guite 7-2. In the semi-finals Higgins beat Rowland 7-4 while Mauldin downed Johnson 7-3. And, in the consolation finals it was Mauldin over Higgins 7-2.

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