Ride The Fault Line Bike Tour Visits Piggott

Thursday, June 26, 2014
The Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum served as the first rest stop for the bikers, on the second day of the four-state Ride the Fault Line bicycle tour.

The grounds of the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum in Piggott were alive with activity Monday, June 23, as participants of a regional bicycle tour visited the facility. The riders, adorned in a rainbow of colors, arrived on cycles of all shapes and descriptions, from traditional to exotic.

The traveling band of cyclists, and their support staff, visited the city as part of the Ride the Fault Line seven-day tour. This year the bike tour included stops in four states, a voyage on a Mississippi River ferry boat and tours of historical locales, including the local museum.

This marked the second year a location in Piggott was included as a rest stop in the tour, which began Sunday, June 22, at the YMCA in Sikeston.

Over 300 riders from several states began the 2014 tour on Sunday, and made the 56.1 mile journey to the Campbell Community Center to complete the first leg. After spending the night in Campbell, the riders made their way into Arkansas and on to Piggott for a morning break at the local museum.

During the local stop support personnel passed out fresh water, fruit and high protein snacks. The break also afforded the participants the chance to tour the local museum, and many took advantage of the opportunity.

"I really like riding through these rolling hills," noted Nancy Reimer, of Wisconsin, as she enjoyed the shade of the museum grounds. "The flat lands can get boring after a while, but this is near ideal--just the right elevation change to make it interesting."

Reimer was making her second trip through Piggott, as she was also a participant of the 2013 tour which included a stop at the local museum.

From Piggott the riders headed west on U.S. 62 to McDougal for another break at the picnic grounds, and then headed south on Highway 141. The riders were also scheduled to take a rest and refreshment break at the Knob Community Center as they passed through that community.

The participants were scheduled to split into two groups at Hooker, with the majority taking Highway 135 into Paragould. Meanwhile, those riding the "Hammerhead" route were scheduled to stay on Highway 141 and follow the Crowley's Ridge Scenic By-Way.

Additional rest stops for those taking the "Hammerhead" route were also set-up at Beech Grove, Crowley's Ridge State Park and the KAIT-TV studios.

The riders were scheduled to spend Tuesday night in the Paragould Community Center, and on Wednesday make the 73.8 mile ride to Caruthersville.

After stops in Dyersburg and Reelfoot Lake, the participants were scheduled to spend the night at the Fulton County High School in Kentucky. The following day the riders will ride through Hickman, and enjoy a ferry ride across the Mississippi River on the Dorena-Hickman ferry.

Day six will see the riders travel to New Madrid, where they'll visit the downtown area and camp at the elementary school. And, on the seventh day they'll make the final leg back to Sikeston.

Those wanting more information on the Ride the Fault Line bike tour may visit them online at www.ridethefault.com

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