Summer Tennis League Crowns Junior Champs

Thursday, July 24, 2014
Winners in the summer tennis league included, from left: Destini Chase, Brooke Roberts, Macey Williams, Shi Higdon, Emily Conley, Emma Langley and Callie Henson.(courtesy photo)

A total of 13 participants took part in the summer tennis league for students in the eighth grade, or lower, at the Piggott Municipal Courts. During league play the kids were divided into three divisions, and played a round-robin format to determine divisional winners and rankings for the tournament.

In the red division, Brooke Roberts won with a 2-1 record, with a tiebreaker used to break a three-way tie. Also posting 2-1 records in the red division were Destini Chase and Macey Williams.

Meanwhile, in the black division the title went to Callie Henson with a 5-0 record, while Alyssa Blair came in second with a record of 3-1. In the white division, Emma Langley won with a record of 3-0 while Emily Conley placed second with a record of 2-1. This set-up the seeding for the tournament played Thursday, July 17, although Blair was out of town and unable to participate.

In the first round Chloe Matthews defeated Emily Conley 4-2, Shi Higdon downed Ava Baggett 4-0 on a default, Callie Henson beat Autumn Covert 5-3 and Hannah McBroome defeated Emma Langley 4-1.

In second round action, Brooke Roberts beat Matthew 4-1, Higdon defeated Henson 5-3, Macey Williams got by McBroome 4-0 and Destini Chase downed Katelyn Robertson 5-3.

In the semi-finals Roberts beat Higdon 4-0 while Chase defeated Williams 4-1, setting up the finals.

In the third place set it was Williams over Higdon 4-1, and in the championship it was Chase over Roberts 4-1.

In the consolation bracket, Covert advanced with a default win over Baggett in the first round.

In the second round it was Robertson over Covert 4-0, Matthews defeated Langley 4-2 and Conley downed McBroome 4-0.

In semi-final action it was Matthews over Robertson 4-1, while Conley defeated Henson 5-4 (7-4 tiebreaker).

And, in the consolation final Conley squeaked by Matthew 5-4 (8-6 tiebreaker).

The league is conducted each summer, along with a clinic, by long time Mohawk tennis coach Paul Seegraves. He offered his thanks to all the players, and parents, for making the league possible. Seegraves also offered a special note of appreciation to Piggott State Bank for their support, and for providing bottled water for all four nights of tournament play.

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