Summer Storm Pounds Area

Thursday, July 31, 2014
More of the wind damage from the storm system of July 23, which resulted from 60-plus mile per hour winds

A frontal system pushed strong winds and heavy rain through the region the afternoon of Wednesday, July 23, causing widespread damage. According to the National Weather Service, wind gusts of 60 to 70 miles per hour were reported within the storm system, which pushed southward at a fairly high rate of speed.

Hardest hit in Piggott was Cox Lumber Company, as much of the roof of the local business was blown away, causing water damage in the showroom area.

The staff of the local lumber yard quickly addressed the issue, and either removed or covered material and tools which could be damaged. During the response they were also forced to dodge acoustic tiles falling from the ceiling which had become soaked with rainwater.

Company owners noted the business was able to re-open the following day, after workers removed the remainder of the tiles allowing the repairs to begin. They've continued to keep the business open in the days since, although the staff continues to deal with the results of the damage.

Hobbs Siding and Windows, located on the east edge of the city on Main Street, also suffered damage as the roof of their lumber shed fell victim to high winds. The bulk of the roof ended up against several nearby trees, and scattered across the lot behind Hog Wild Barbecue.

The following day workers began the chore of replacing the roof, and the repair project has since been completed.

Additional minor roof damage was also noted, as well as numerous downed limbs and small trees throughout the area. City of Piggott officials also reported a transformer failed near Heritage Park, resulting in some outages in the immediate area.

According to the NWS the wind damage was widespread, although there were no reports of injuries.

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