Babies and Young Mothers

Thursday, August 7, 2014

This morning I watched a mother of three small children corralling her brood as she tried to load some stuff into her car. They blocked her way, pell mell, as they tried to see what she was doing. It didn't faze her as she moved them from place to place, out of her way.

It occurred to me that that's the reason God ordained that younger women have children. They have the energy and perseverance to manage small children as they grow.

Old people just don't have the patience.

And that reminds me of a joke I read this morning on email.

With modern technology a woman of 65 years had her first baby.

Her friend arrived at her door to get a first glimpse of the newborn.

"May I see the baby?" the friend asked.

"Not yet," the mother answered. "Come in. I'll make some coffee and let's visit for awhile."

So they visited, had a cup of coffee. Then the friend asked again," May I see the baby now?"

"No, not yet," the mother answered.

So they visited some more, chatting about the weather and latest news.

"May I see the baby now?" the friend persisted.

"No, wait a little while longer."

"Well, why can't I see the baby now?"

"We have to wait until the baby cries," the mother explained.

"Why? the friend asked impatiently. "Why do we have to wait until the baby cries?"

"Because I forgot where I put her. That's why," the mother said.

And that story reminds me of another. When I lived in Caruthersville, my neighbor's 15 year old daughter had a baby out of wedlock. The daughter went to town with some friends and was gone quite a while. Her mother had volunteered to babysit the baby.

The daughter stopped by my house and was chatting with some friends, laughing and joking. She stayed a long while, visiting.

Suddenly, she clasped her hand to her mouth and declared, "Oh, my goodness. I have a baby. I've got to go home. Mom is waiting for me."

Then she took off running toward her mother's house a block down the road.

Yes, I know there are some grandmothers who take over the responsibility of raising their grandchildren. But it must not be an easy task for them.

Child rearing is best done by the younger generation.

I suspect that was God's plan.