New Truck for Greenway FD

Thursday, August 7, 2014
The Greenway Fire Department displayed its new fire truck during Saturday's Greenway Picnic. The beautiful truck is a major addition to the department, and was purchased with the assistance of Depat. Of Rural Services GIF grant funds. Pictured here are, from left: Front-- GFD members Ronald Burr, Brian Naney and chief Andy Dixon, Sen. Robert Thompson and Rep. Joe Jett. Back--Assistant chief Jeff Wolfenbarger and GFD members Nicholas Cavaness and Toby McGuire.

The Greenway Volunteer Fire Department welcomed a new addition recently, purchasing a high quality fire truck to replace a much older, malfunctioning truck. The small community department purchased a well-maintained 1992 Pierce Dash truck from Halt Fire of Wixom, Mich. The new truck features a pump capable of pumping 1,250 gallons of water per minute, a considerable step up from the former's 750 gallons per minute.

"It's a lot bigger," assistant fire chief Jeff Wolfenbarger said of the new addition. "It'll hold and pump more water, so it's more effective than our old one. We definitely needed this."

The department's older truck had become less dependable after many years of service.

"It got to the point where our old truck was becoming less reliable," chief Andy Dixon said. "When you're dealing with people's lives and property, you can't have that. You have to have equipment that you can depend on. We weren't sure how much longer that old truck was going to be able to do that. With this truck, we've got one that's in great condition and will be in service for years to come. If anything comes up, it's ready to go right then, and that's critical for a fire department."

Dixon used contacts through other fire departments to find the truck. When he saw the listing online, he was nearly floored by the price.

"I saw this truck, in the shape it's in, and saw it was only $30,000 and I couldn't believe it. You don't find trucks like this in that price range. Jonesboro has some of the same model, one year newer and in similar condition, and they're about $68,000. To find this truck at the price we paid was just incredible. It was like we were meant to have it."

The good fortune continued as the department received a 50 percent matching General Improvement Fund grant in the amount of $15,000 from the Department of Rural Services.

"Senator Robert Thompson and Representative Joe Jett went to work and helped us get a grant for $15,000," Dixon said. "We had the rest in our funding, but that grant was the difference-maker. On behalf of the department and the people of Greenway, we thank them very, very much for all their help. We wouldn't have this without their help."

Thompson and Jett joined the department in introducing the new truck to the community during the annual Greenway Picnic on Saturday. The sense of pride felt by the department, the senator and the representative was spread to many of the visitors who stopped by to see the beautiful new addition to the department.

"We've heard a lot of good comments from the community," Dixon said. "It's something the community can take pride in. We're happy to have this truck, and that excitement transfers to others, too."

Dixon noted the new truck has increased interest in the department, as well, which is always a good thing for a small department like Greenway.

"I've had people ask about joining the department after seeing it (the truck)," Dixon said. "That's a great thing, too, because volunteers are always needed for departments our size."

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