Six Months at a Red Light

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I just got through reading my junk greeting cards......just junk mail. A study by Priority Management Corporation of Pittsburg finds that the average American, during a lifetime, spends eight months opening junk mail.

This month I noticed that many Americans, especially women, are standing in long lines at checkouts during the Christmas rush. The study indicates that we spend an average of five years waiting in lines and six months sitting at red lights.

Now that's a lot of time we could be using more constructively and enjoying in other ways.

We spend three years attending meetings, four years doing housework, six years eating and one year searching for lost possessions.

I can relate to the findings of the study, especially waiting in line and searching for lost items.

I probably spend more time at waiting and searching than anything else.

Just this month, I lost a watch, my eyeglasses (twice) and a Hardees coffee cup. Fortunately, two of Santa's helpers returned the items to me.

Women, I think, spend more time searching for car keys that any single item. The keys become lost in the bottom of a purse and must be dug out on average of six times daily. I have been known to search for two hours for car keys that I thought I had lost when all the time they were buried beneath my wallet, checkbook, compact, lipstick, comb, and Kleenex.

Is it any wonder that telephones are equipped with pagers to help locate a misplaced handset? Men would probably appreciate a pager on the television remote control too.

I don't spend a lot of time attending meetings, especially meetings where food is served. If I did, I'd be as big as a house.

I do spend time doing housework--not nearly as much as I used to though. My mom taught me that there are lots more important and fun things to do than push a broom.

I guess I spend more time waiting in line at the grocery store and department stores than anywhere else. There's waiting to be seated and served at eating establishments too.

Priority Management Corporation failed to mention the time Americans wait on the telephone while trying to get connected to various agencies.

My uncle complained the other day after he tried unsuccessfully to get connected to a government office. He got tired of listening to recordings and started to talk back. At least he had his say, he said.

Women spend a lot of time waiting in line in restrooms too. Last week while I was at MacDonald's, I counted five women waiting in line outside a restroom that has two reserved for the handicapped.

On Thursday I was the fourth woman in line waiting for one of two stalls in another public restroom.

The study also failed to mention the time women sit in cars waiting for their children at the end of a school day, after dance classes, piano lessons, cheerleading practice, and ballgames.

And, of course, not to be overlooked is the waiting at airports. That is to be expected during the Christmas season when passengers want to fly home for the holidays.

At this time of year, kids are waiting for Christmas day. Be patient, kids. Santa will be here. The name of life's game is hurry up and wait. Eventually, the red light always turns green.