An Attitude Adjustment

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My attitude, or way of thinking, changes like the seasons. I think it has something to do with my stage in life and it has a lot to do with age, too.

When I was younger, the holidays took on a spirit of wonder, awe and happiness. Especially when the children were small, at the age when everything was a magical time for them. There was fun and excitement as they opened each present under the tree. Christmas was a joyful time.

We look at things differently as we get older. I think about that when I see an elderly relative snoozing after dinner in a recliner while the young adults talk, laugh, tell jokes, and play with youngsters. They gather round the sink, wash dishes, and laugh about the good times.

But grandpa sleeps on, tired out from the commotion.

A friend recently told me that she won't be having Thanksgiving dinner at her house this year. In the past she has invited all family members, and some guests, to her house on the big day. That has been the tradition for years.

But this year she said she isn't able to lift the turkey from the oven to the table, so she's canceling. Other arrangements will have to be made this year. It has become a chore she's no longer able to do.

Her attitude is changing.

I'll get some flack about my attitude, too. Because some of you will say, "Oh, how I love Christmas." You love the atmosphere, the shopping for gifts, special church services and decorating and parties.

I, too, like the candlelight service at Christmastime, but I grow weary of the pressures that come with the holiday. I get bogged down with the preparation, the planning, the work, if you please. Seems to me that the "burden" is up to the woman of the house, too.

Too much emphasis is put on toys and Santa Claus. Some children never hear the story of the Christ Child, born in a manger. They don't get the connection between the Savior and Christmas.

I don't like it when the Christmas season begins the day after Halloween. Yes, I like sales; the more, the merrier. I just don't like the celebration to begin in October before the Halloween pumpkins are stored away.

Maybe when one gets older we need an attitude adjustment. We need to change bah humbug to Oh Holy Night.