PCH Heliport Project Receives Grant Funding

Thursday, November 20, 2014
The heliport at Piggott Community Hospital will soon be renovated thanks to the grant monies recently approved.(courtesy photo)

Thanks to the assistance of State Representative Joe Jett of Success, a $30,000 grant has been approved for Piggott Community Hospital to replace its heliport.

"This is a good case for meeting the medical needs of citizens in our area of the state," Jett noted of the funding. "Rural areas have special needs when it comes to reacting in a crisis. We need our hospital, and we need to equip them for safety and access."

The heliport at PCH is adjacent to the emergency room, and is a specially designed and lighted pad that is built to specifications for the safe landing and departure of medical helicopters.

"We have advanced tremendously in our ability to triage, stabilize and transport patients, as necessary," explained James Magee, PCH executive director. "The technology we've developed has given us the ability to work with the UAMS ARSaves stroke prevention program and also the telemedicine program of Baptist Health. This offers an even greater security in our ability to deal with more advanced problems."

Magee noted the hospital's dedication to improving services has paid off for patients, and has earned the facility a distinction seldom found in similar sized communities.

"We are currently licensed as an Arkansas Level IV emergency facility," Magee added. "This is equal to many of the more metropolitan hospitals in the area."

The grant was approved by the commission of the Arkansas Department of Aeronautics.

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