FNB Observes First Anniversary in Piggott

Thursday, December 18, 2014
First National Bank teller Kortney Smart assists a customer at the Piggott Banking Center. The facility recently marked one year of service to the community, and has become an integral part of the Piggott economy.

The First National Bank Piggott Banking Center marked one year of service to the community in the past week, observing the first anniversary of the bank's opening on Dec. 9. Last year's grand opening proved to be a quiet event, as one of several winter ice storms had put a damper on activities. But, in the 12 months since the center opened, the facility has continued to make an impact on the community, and the results have been positive.

The new banking center was constructed at the corner of East Main Street and South Garfield Avenue, the former location of the local Chevrolet dealership. With a million dollar price tag, it features state of the art equipment and elegant furnishings.

Piggott native, and longtime local banker, Rodney Rouse serves as president of the center, and he observed the first year of the facility's service to the community has been a positive one. "The response from the Piggott community and surrounding area has been overwhelming," he offered.

Rouse added there was a good deal of optimism concerning the project, but went on to note the response has been even greater than expected. "When plans were being made with First National Bank to establish a physical presence in Piggott, we were obviously optimistic about the prospects of providing a new banking option for the people of Eastern Clay County and expected to be successful or we would not have come to town," he explained. "We could not, however, have imagined the positive response we've received in such a short period of time. All successful businesses have some sort of expectations related to new business ventures or expansion initiatives, as did the Senior Management Team of First National Bank in regard to the establishment of Piggott Banking Center. But, our expectations turned out to be modest relative to what has actually happened in one year."

In fact, Rouse noted the local facility is well ahead of the goals first formulated. "Piggott Banking Center is approximately four years ahead of schedule in terms of growth," Rouse explained. "On the one year anniversary of our first day of business in Piggott, Piggott Banking Center has grown to just shy of $45,000,000 in loan volume."

He added this is especially remarkable since the business FNB already had in the Piggott area, by way of their bank in Corning, were not included in the calculations.

Long known for his community involvement, Rouse also notes FNB has had a positive effect on Piggott. "As for our commitment to the community, we have so far and will always be a good corporate neighbor and give back to the communities we serve," he explained. "We've donated thousands of dollars to various causes and also try to pitch-in with our time as needed. FNB's style is one of commitment and we feel that is the main reason we've been in business for 125 years. Our goal is to serve the needs the entire community, big or small."

Rouse also pointed to the widespread impact of the new center, and the opportunities it provides. "As for the economy, that's always a hard thing to measure. All we know for sure is that it has been proven over and over again that when communities have more choices in regard to financial services, the local economy and the people in the community will always win," he explained. "Free access to funding is the basic ingredient any economy needs to thrive and grow and our numbers prove we are doing our part to keep Piggott strong."

The Piggott Bank Center features four drive-through lines, the last of which includes an ATM. The lobby is open five days a week, and drive-through service is also available Saturdays.

In the 12 months since the new First National Bank opened a number of landscaping projects have also been completed, adding new life to the corner and giving the impression the facility has been at the current location much longer.

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