The Christmas Fruitcake

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas is here, not looming in the distance. Presents are wrapped, plans are made for the holiday meal,

Special Christmas parties are ending, including candlelight services and Christmas socials at churches, plus other events.

Little children wait anxiously for the arrival of Santa on Christmas eve. They can almost hear the reindeer on the rooftop as he delivers wonderful gifts and surprises.

But let's get down to business. What shall we do with the fruitcakes that will bombard us this Christmas season? Some, of course, will eat the rum cake and enjoy it, but for others the cake will sit on the kitchen counter, becoming bricklike as days pass into weeks.

From time to time I like to think of uses for old fruitcake.

It could be used at the dinnertable as a chair cushion for a toddler or it could be turned into a pin cushion or a toothpick holder.

You could feed it to the hound dog who will eat anything.

Crumble it and feed it to the catfish in your pond or feed it to the birds this winter.

It makes a great paperweight, too

Stick candles in it, add some greenery and ribbon and use it for a centerpiece.

It makes a great doorstop or a bathroom stool for a small child.

Fruitcake could be used as a stepping stone, a wall decoration, or a doughnut ring, or a kickball.

Save a seasoned fruitcake (a round one) for next year's door wreath. Just add pine cones and a bow.

Several fruitcakes could be used as stepping stones.

I hesitate to suggest using it as a life jacket or pool floater.

A word of caution: Anyone who consumes large amounts of rum fruitcake during the holidays, should have a designated driver.

It's the responsible thing to do.