Walking Trail, Bench Dedicated to Mayor Morris

Tuesday, December 23, 2014
A large crowd was on hand Wednesday, Dec. 17, as the new Gerald Morris Walking Trail was dedicated at Heritage Park in Piggott. Handling the ribbon cutting chores were three of the late mayor's children, Kathy Ballard, Alan Morris and Roger Morris (center). A variety of city employees, local business leaders, friends and family were also in attendance.

A large group of city employees, friends and family of former Piggott mayor Gerald Morris gathering at Heritage Park on Wednesday, Dec. 17, for a special dedication ceremony. Morris, who passed away earlier this year, was memorialized with the dedication of a new addition to the walking trail at the local park, and with a bench in his honor along the trail.

The bench was purchased by city employees, while personnel with the street department helped with the prep work for the walking trail and set the memorial plaque. Additional funding was also provided by a grant to the Parks and Recreation Department.

The addition of the new walking trail within the park now links the main trail with the amphitheater, and is located along the west bank of Heritage Park Lake.

Pictured with the bench which was dedicated to the late Gerald Morris are three of his children, including, from left: Alan Morris, Kathy Ballard and Roger Morris. The bench was purchased in memory of the late mayor by city employees.

"Gerald really loved this park, and he felt this addition to the walking trail was very important," longtime friend and Parks and Recreation Commission member Erma Campbell said of the effort. "I know he would be so happy to see this completed, and all of you here for the dedication."

Previously, the amphitheater was not connected with the walking trail which rings the lake and was only accessible from the west parking lot. The new sidewalk connects the amphitheater with the remainder of the park, making it possible to walk from one of the side to the other without leaving the trail.

Also on hand were three of Morris' children, Alan Morris, Roger Morris and Kathy Ballard.

In wrapping up the mid-day ceremony Alan Morris noted, "I know dad would be proud of this, and be glad to see all of you here for the dedication." In summary he added, "and I think he'd probably say--now it's time for everybody to get back to work."

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