The New Year, 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The old year ends with the Christmas celebration of the newborn Christ Child.

The new year is at hand and probably the happiest person about that is Santa. He's just winding down from a hectic Christmas and he's ready for a leisurely winter nap. All those cookies are taking a toll, too. He must have put on 20 pounds or more on Christmas Eve.

Mrs. Claus is nestled in her recliner, her tired feet propped, napping now and then. The Christmas season was chaotic for her, too, as she kept Santa on track to do the hundreds of chores he had to do to prepare for Christmas Eve.

Imagine having to sort out all those toys for the millions of children who asked for LEGOs, Disney Frozen Elsa dolls, transformers, Barbie, Monster High, My Little Pony, teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hot Wheels, video games, Marvel action figures, Playstation 4, Leapfrog tablets, cars and trucks, American girl.

The new year, 2015 holds promises and lofty goals.

Some have made resolutions to improve themselves, healthwise. Some will cut out greasy foods, eat more vegetables.

Some chain smokers will quit.

Some dieters will lose pounds. Others will exercise to become stronger, more flexible.

Some will vow to save more money; start an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.

Some will vow to be better husbands, wives, parents or neighbors.

Or better Christians.

Sadly, by February only 64 percent of people are still sticking to the goals they set out to achieve.

Six months into the year, that number drops to less than half.

That's why some experts say to forget resolutions. Instead, create habits; daily or weekly habits that will last. Be specific in what you hope to achieve this new year.

Resolutions are gainful; only if they are kept.

Happy New Year, 2015.