My New Years Resolutions

Thursday, January 8, 2015

How're you doing with your New Year's Resolutions?

I'm doing good. I vowed to quit smoking. That one is easy since I've never smoked. Then I vowed to lose down to 135 pounds. That's another easy one since I don't weigh that much yet.

I believe that it is best to list a couple of resolutions that are attainable, rather than a long list of impossible goals.

I have other resolutions too.

I am resolved to never again eat soda crackers in bed.

Also I resolve to use more paper plates.

I pledge to use more Pledge.

I resolve to not repeat myself.

I resolve to be more punctual. My lack of punctuality causes my girlfriends to be deceitful. Here's how that goes: We agree to meet for lunch. They tell me to meet them at the designated place at 11:30 a.m. I say okay. But behind my back they agree to meet at noon. That way they know I'll show up on time----or at least close to time.

I resolve that I will not change clothes three times before I decide what to wear.

Did you know that New Year's Resolutions date back 4000 years ago to the Babylonians? The Babylonians believed that what a person does on the first day of the year will have an effect though out the entire year. We have continued the resolutions tradition by resolving to move forward with changes in our lives.

Probably the most common resolution is to lose weight. In January people begin a regimen of exercise that usually ends in February or March. People buy exercise equipment, jogging shoes and sweats, and join fitness clubs to help them reach their goals.

Others go on diets.

Some religious people resolve to read the Bible through and through.

I've noticed that many big spenders vow to save money, especially right after the Christmas season when their charge cards are overburdened.

I vow to save money too by pitching my spare pennies into my fireside churn. It will be my own do-it-yourself Christmas fund for 2001. I've already saved 25 pennies.

There are resolutions to manage stress, strive for a healthier lifestyle, get more sleep, change careers, and get organized.

Now that last one is probably the one I need most. I need to get organized and that doesn't mean buying a shoe rack for my scattered shoes. Magazines for women give hundreds of ideas for getting organized in the home. I like to read them but I never incorporate the ideas into my own place. Well, I just came up with my number one resolution.

I will become more organized in 2001. I will not leave dirty dishes in the sink before I rush out the door. I will not leave old newspapers and magazines in disarray around my easy chair.

I will not let my desk pile up with junk mail.

I will dust the mantel once per month.

I will not procrastinate as much.

I resolve to not repeat myself.