Tickets Deadline Soon for CCAC Production

Thursday, January 29, 2015
"No Body to Murder" cast members shown here are, from left: Front--Jane Gatewood. Back--Jessie Cobb, Misty Norred and Charles Grimes. These cast members and more will take the stage during the Clay County Arts Council's Night of Chocolate event Feb. 7 at the Rector Community Center. The final day to reserve tickets for the event is Feb. 3.

The Clay County Arts council, Inc. comedy mystery theatre is in full production these next two weeks in preparation for the upcoming show "No Body to Murder" by Edith Weiss during the annual Night of Chocolate celebration Feb. 7, at the Rector Community Center.

The cast is full of zany characters sand hilarious stage action and the surprise action ending will keep you guessing until the very end. Bad news comes in form of severe thunderstorms and an escaped convict who threaten the guests at the Come on In Inn of Nova Scotia. However, at the end of the day a gung-ho aerobics instructor, Billie Body, played by Cathy Norred, arrives. The plot thickens when Billie Body becomes mysteriously ill as she leads the cast of suspects in a game of physical exercise. Inspector Black is on hand to ask leading questions to Garth the gardener, who only carries an ax for weeding, or the grumpy Countess, or the senior counselors for Outward Ho, or the doctors who have the secret youth serum all become suspects.

Ticket holders will get to make a guess as to who the murderer is and what the weapon is. The winning table will receive a special gift.

The tickets are $35 for non-members and $30 for members, which include the meal catered by Traveling Wisk. The delicious dinner will feature two entrées, pork tenderloins, and chicken with rice or scalloped potatoes, broccoli with cheese, the Whisk salad, yeast rolls and of course, their traditional chocolate desserts.

Parties who would like to purchase a table for eight may do so at the member's rate of $30 per meal. Tickets must be reserved in advance. The last day to order tickets will be Feb 3.

Tickets may be purchased from any CCAC board member or from Shabby Chic or Lisa Jett in Corning, from Honeysuckle and Home and Above and Beyond in Rector, or, Madpies' in Piggott or Suzy's in Piggott.

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