Pollard Woman Survives Explosion

Thursday, January 29, 2015
The home of Vickie and Randy Dover at Pollard was heavily damaged by an explosion, and fire, which occurred Wednesday, Jan. 21.

A Pollard woman is truly lucky to be alive today, after surviving an explosion and fire which heavily damaged her home Wednesday, Jan. 21. The blaze, which occurred at the home of Vickie and Randy Dover, was believed to have been caused by a gas leak, although no official cause has been determined.

The Dover home is located on South Front Street in Pollard, near the intersection with Grider, and just several blocks south of U.S. Highway 62. In fact, the close proximity to the local fire station allowed firefighters and equipment to respond within moments of the blast.

"I was there at the shop building at the old gas station," noted Fire Chief Steve Baker. "Me and Gary (Conley) heard the explosion and he said he thought it sounded like a stove blowed-up and I said, oh I hope not."

Baker quickly got in his pickup truck and turned toward the Dover home, just a short distance away, then saw the flames from the burning structure.

The explosion, which occurred just before 5:30 p.m., was strong enough to be felt several miles away, and according to Baker, "rattled a lot of windows in Pollard."

Seeing the flames from the rear of the home, Baker returned to the fire station nearby and responded to the scene with the fire truck.

"By then, they were helping her up the street and I was sure glad to see that," he said of victim Vickie Dover. "She sure was a lucky lady."

Dover, who was at home at the time of the explosion, sustained minor to moderate injuries and was badly shaken-up. Social media posts by friends and family indicated she was treated for primarily cuts and bruises.

Luckily, she maintained consciousness despite the force of the explosion and was able to make her way from the home with the help of neighbors.

According to Baker, in the days since the Pollard community has come together in support of the Dover family. "People have helped them out a lot," Baker added. "They came up with some money, clothes and things--of course it's easy to figure out what somebody needs when they've lost everything."

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