Thor Hammers Clay County, Much of Eastern U.S.

Thursday, March 5, 2015
A Piggott city worker pushes snow from West Orr Street into a yard Thursday morning. The massive amount of precipitation has prompted workers to form such piles at regular intervals until the snow can be removed.(TD photo/Tim Blair)

Winter Storm Thor left its impact on much of the nation this week, rolling out of the Midwest and pounding much of the south with record ice and snow. On Thursday it continued to push across the eastern portion of the country, setting snowfall records in many locations in Tennessee and Kentucky and stranding thousands of motorists. At one point some 83 million people were under threat of its conditions.

Locally the winter storm began in earnest around mid-day on Wednesday, March 4, with freezing rain and by mid-afternoon the precipitation had turned to sleet. In the Clay County area the sleet turned to snow just before sunset, and the accumulation continued to add-up during the overnight hours.

Unofficial totals in the Piggott area indicated between 9 and 10 inches of ice and mainly snow, with some areas receiving slightly more.

This 1970 Cincinnati Red's commemorative ruler shows the snow in Piggott all the way up to Pat Corrales's head, or just under nine inches.(TD photo/Tim Blair)

In response, road and street crews began working during the early morning hours of Thursday, but travel was still hazardous for most of the day. Also at issue for the coming 24 hours is a forecast calling for overnight lows near zero on Thursday night, and at least another 48 hours before the temperature is expected to climb above the freezing mark.

With dangerously cold conditions in the forecast everyone is reminded to take extra precautions. If freezing pipes may be a problem you should allow the water to run at a trickle, and covers over outside faucets may be warranted.

Extra thought should also be given to elderly, or homebound, neighbors and outdoor pets.

As always, the current weather conditions, forecast and any weather warnings or watches may be found here on the CCTD website.

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