Making Snow Ice Cream

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I daresay that many of the Clay County Times-Democrat readers have never made snow ice cream.

When I was a little girl, after the first big snow my parents would treat us to homemade snow ice cream.

I remember my dad going outside with a large bowl or pan and gathering clean snow; a full pan.

He'd bring it indoors and either he or my mother proceeded to make snow ice cream. It was so simple.

My mom would add (drizzle) one can of condensed milk, a little at a time, to the snow. Then she would add one teaspoon of vanilla extract to the mixture and stir it well. She would also add a bit of sugar, maybe half a cup.

All that just took a few minutes.

The trick was to get the right consistency, not too thin, but thick like store bought ice cream.

Mom would then divide the snow cream into individual bowls. I remember we had to eat it right away before it started to melt. And that didn't take long.

Sometimes when it would start to melt in the pan, someone would go outside and get more snow to add to the original mixture.

My brothers and my sister always considered the snow cream a real treat.

Our recent snow storm was quite pretty when it ended on Thursday morning. Drifts piled snow around automobiles and onto decks of houses. Bird baths were piled high, sometimes six to eight inches high.

Early on, city street workers with snow plows were out clearing the streets of snow so that cars could travel more easily.

Children love snow. They can hardly wait to build snowmen or to take their sleds and slide down hills. My son's dog, Blue, literally rolled in the snow on her back. She loved it.

My great granddaughter, who is only 14 months old, gets in on the fun, too. She loves to bundle up like a little cub bear, and have her daddy pull her around in the snow on a small sled. At the bottom of the hill, she'll giggle her pleasure and want more rides.

As I write this column, I am snow bound. I can't get out of my driveway because of piled high snow at the end of the driveway. I'll spend the next few days, watching television or reading until the sunshine melts the snow.

Recipe for snow cream:

One large bowl of fresh clean snow

One 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk

One tsp. vanilla extract

One half cup sugar

Mix together, serve immediately.

Here's hoping that by the time this appears in print, most of the snow will be gone and Spring will be in the air.