Piggott School Board Votes to Extend Day

Thursday, March 19, 2015

During a brief meeting held during the noon hour on Monday, March 16, the Piggott School Board approved the updated calendar for students and staff. Winter weather cancellations had forced the update, as students had already missed several more days than were anticipated due to winter storms Octavia and Thor.

The option presented to the board was earlier approved by the district personnel policy committee, and by a vote of the classified and certified staff members.

Under the plan a total of five full days will be added to the schedule, while the remainder will be made-up by extending the length of the school day for 12 days in April. On the bright side, under the option approved by the staff and board, students and faculty will still get to enjoy a full week of spring break next Monday through Friday, March 23 to 27.

The first day is being made up this Friday, March 20, which was originally a part of next week's spring break. When students return to school on Monday, March 30, the day will be a longer-than-usual one thanks to recently passed legislation. The measure, which passed the Arkansas Legislature during this session, allows districts to extend the length of the day in order to make-up days.

Utilizing the new law, Piggott students will start their day at 7:45 a.m. and will not end the day until 3:39 p.m. This schedule will be in effect beginning Monday, March 30, and will continue through Tuesday, April 14. The remaining four days will be made up by holding classes after Memorial Day, as they'll be in session May 26, through 29, which will now be the final day for students.

The measure passed without dissent with board members Neil Morgan, Jeff Benbrook, Hope Burns, Bradley Dunlap and Chris Roberts all in attendance.

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