Rector Council Approves Bids

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Rector City Council approved a $64,225 bid Monday night from G&G Electric to repair 25 broken lights and replace 10 transformers at the Rector Municipal Airport.

Funding comes from a grant from the Arkansas Department of Aeronautics in the amount of $68,895. The grant will cover lighting, runway and office repairs. This includes the airport beacon, runway lights, as well as a new roof, windows and door on the office building. "A lot of ag pilots use the strip during the day, but this is also where emergency evacuation helicopters land, too, making this a multi-purpose airstrip," city superintendent Todd Watson said.

The city must first pay for the repairs in full before being reimbursed for 90 percent of the cost, Watson said.

The council also approved a bid of $1,560 from Kathy Diddle to replace the retaining wall around the flower beds at Rector Downtown Central Park with concrete blocks. "The timbers are rotting, and this will be a permanent fix," mayor Teresa Roofe said.

Both bids were approved unanimously, along with the motion to move the council meeting time to 7 p.m. through daylight savings time.

Other topics discussed without action were improvements to the sewer and water system in the future, as well as future budgeting to help pay for upgrades to the city complex baseball diamonds.

Marvin Gatewood addressed the council on the subject of updating construction codes and building codes in the downtown area of Rector as he is considering purchasing two properties at 410 and 412 Main Street. He plans to refurbish the buildings to their original condition and utilize the buildings for retail purposes. The council said Gatewood should meet with the zoning commission in the future to discuss the changes he has requested. "We need more specifics on the code changes," alderman Ryan Lawrence said.

Christina Boyd was hired by the city council as grant facilitator. Boyd will be searching for and writing grants for different projects the council approves. Boyd said she has been looking to become involved with the city and "was very excited" when she found the grant facilitator position open.

Boyd is currently looking into grants for a skate park the council plans to build in the future and working with Black River Technical College to bring classes back to Rector.

The council reinstated Terry Burdin to the Rector Fire Department at the bequest of chief Huston Bowden. The fire department has shown a balance of revenue and expenditures in March which Bowden said "is nice to see."

The police department reported three vehicle accidents, repair costs of $620, 41 items on the court docket and a collection of $7,840 in March.

Aldermen David Romine, Lark Sigsby, Ryan Lawrence and Iva Fahr were in attendance, as well as mayor Teresa Roofe, city superintendent Todd Watson, recorder-treasurer Sheila Dale, city attorney Kim Dale, fire chief Huston Bowden and police chief Glenn Leach.

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