Boyd Assumes New Role

Thursday, April 16, 2015
Christina Boyd

Christina Boyd has been hired by the city of Rector as a grant writer and community development facilitator.

She says her background makes her "a perfect fit for the position," as she holds a bachelor's degree in social work and a second bachelor's degree in Spanish, which she earned at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. "Social work has a big emphasis on community, and since we moved here in August I have been looking for a way to get involved and help the community to grow," Boyd said.

Boyd was born in New York City, but her family moved some, living in California and Florida. As a teenager she lived in Jonesboro, where she attended high school and first met the love of her life, Rector native Joel Boyd.

She remembers their weekend road trips to Rector with love for the small town atmosphere, and didn't think twice when she and Joel discussed moving back to Rector from Chicago. The two packed up and moved their small family including Jack, 3, and Lexi, 1, back to Rector where fond memories kept the town in their hearts no matter where they lived. They haven't regretted the move for one second, Boyd said.

She said one night she and Joel were deciding what to do for the evening. Joel suggested they go into Jonesboro to eat and catch a movie, but Boyd said let's just get a pizza and go to the basketball game at Rector High School. She said after the game they were talking about how nice it was to not leave town and how much she wished there was more in town. Later that evening she saw the facilitator position open in the Clay County Times-Democrat. "It was fate. I had just been saying how much I would love to help the city grow," Boyd said, so she applied.

Boyd has only been in the facilitator position for a few days, but already she is working on ways to help Rector. "I want there to be more options for things to do for the kids and adults," Boyd said. She is already looking into a Tony Hawk Foundation grant for a new skate park for the city, and is working with Black River Technical College to bring GED classes back to Rector.

BRTC has expressed concern about attendance in Rector, and Boyd requests anyone interested in the classes to speak with her. "We want to make the classes convenient for the people needing them, so it's up for discussion," Boyd said. She can be reached at the NEA Innovative Training Center in downtown Rector, by email at and at (870)595-2300.

She also encourages residents to bring ideas on what they would like to see in Rector to her attention. "The changes coming are all for the people of Rector, so I want to know what they want," Boyd said. She is also looking into more events to be held at the Rector Memorial Park, such as movies in the park, small music fests or concerts, and bringing back the local farmers market. "We have the Labor Day picnic at the park, but I'd really like to see that area utilized more often," Boyd said.

She has taken her job a step farther and invited Main Street Arkansas to visit with city officials. Main Street Arkansas specializes in renovating downtown areas in cities that have lost their spark in that area, Boyd said. In the future she plans to apply for grants for sidewalks as well, because she wants the city to be more walkable.

"I'm really excited to get to work with the city and be active in the new development of Rector," Boyd said. "I really want to see the city blossom."

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