PHS Cheerleaders Off to Strong Start

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Piggott High School Mohawk cheerleading squads traveled to Cape Girardeau June 10 to 13, where they attended the National Cheerleaders Association cheer camp. According to senior coach Connie Vaughn, the girls worked very hard and had a successful week, which resulted in them bringing home several awards.

According to Vaughn, the Herkie Award is given to the team who displays hard work, talent and sportsmanship--along with enjoying themselves while they cheer. "Each team was asked the question, if you couldn't be on your team which team would you most like to be on," noted Vaughn. "And the other teams picked both the junior high and senior high Mohawk cheerleaders to receive this honor."

A total of five leadership pins were handed-out by the NCA staff the first night of the camp, with Piggott's Presley Tullos and Ashlee Vaughn among those recognized. "On Thursday night the five original girls were asked to pick someone fromone of the other teams who they felt displayed the qualities of a leader and Ashlee received a second pin from one of the other cheerleaders," Vaughn explained. "In all our team received three of the 10 pins which were given out."

Members of the Piggott High School senior cheerleader squad include, from left: Front-Sydney Risinger, Abby Haley, Bailey Fry, Ashlee Vaughn, Jessica Arnell and Jazzmyne Mills. Back-Alex McDaniel, Elizabeth Hobbs, Haley Zacek and Jaessa Threatt.(courtesy photo)

During the camp girls were also selected by the NCA staff for nomination as an All-American Cheerleader. "Girls were selected based on their outstanding abilities in each area of cheerleading, such as dance, motions, jumps, tumbling and stunting," Vaughn explained. "We set a school record when all 20 of our Mohawk cheerleaders were nominated as part of the 60 to 70 girls who received the honor."

For a cheerleader to be picked as All-American candidate she must receive at least 23 points of the 30 points possible during tryouts. Ashlee Vaughn and Jessica Arnell of the senior high squad were two of the eight girls fortunate enough to earn adequate points for the honor.

Another school record was set when Ashlee Vaughn of the senior high squad received the highest total points of all the cheerleaders trying out. In doing so, she was named the Top All-American cheerleader and became the first cheerleader from Piggott to receive this honor. This also enables her to be part of the NCA staff, which was a goal she set for herself while a member of the PHS junior high squad.

The Piggott High School junior high cheerleaders include, from left: Front-Jillian Scudder and Presley Tullos. Middle-Jaclyn Helms, Jasmine Leggett, Madison VanderKooi and Morgan Smart. Back-Delaney Trammell Poole, Hannah Speer, Shelby Howard and Sarah Mantz.(courtesy photo)

The junior high squad, which is coached by Heather Tullos, received the trophy for Best Camp Cheer and a spirit stick for three days. Squad members include Sarah Mantz, Hannah Speer, Delaney Trammell Poole, Morgan Smart, Madison VanderKooi, Jasmine Leggett, Jaclyn Helms, Presley Tullos and Jillian Scudder.

The senior high squad, which is coached by Connie Vaughn, received the trophies for Best Camp Cheer and Best Camp Chant and a spirit stick for three days. Squad members include Jaessa Threatt, Haley Zacek, Elizabeth Hobbs, Alex McDaniel, Jazzmyne Mills, Jessica Arnell, Ashlee Vaughn, Bailey Fry, Abby Haley and Sydney Risinger.

Recently the Piggott school board also approved allowing the cheerleading squad to take part in competition in the coming school year, as they will return to competitive cheering after a break of several seasons.

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