WLSL Returns to Piggott Public Pool

Thursday, June 25, 2015
Lifeguard Abby Holcomb (right) gives instructions to the participants in the World's Largest Swimming Lesson, held Thursday, June 18, at the Piggott Public Swimming Pool.(TD photo/Tim Blair)

Once again this year the Piggott Public Swimming Pool participated in an effort to break the Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous swimming lesson. The most recent attempt was held Thursday, June 18, and was staged at hundreds of locations in over 20 countries over a 24 hour period.

In the spring of 2014 the local swimming pool took part in the effort for the first time, as the team from World's Largest Swimming Lesson (WLSL) sanctioned the event for the sixth year in a row. This year tens of thousands of kids and adults took part in the lesson, as the team sought to break the record of 36,564 participants.

The WLSL is held at aquatic facilities across the globe in an effort to highlight the benefits of swimming lessons. According to experts, drowning remains the leading cause of untended, injury-related deaths for children ages one to five, and the second leading cause of accidental death for children under 14. Research shows participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent among children aged one to four, although many kids do not receive any formal swimming or water safety training.

Although cloudy conditions kept this year's numbers down a good crowd did turn out for the event with 119 local participants. Those taking part in the lesson were also treated to hot dogs, and other snacks, provided by First National Bank and Piggott State Bank. A variety of local municipal leaders were also on hand for the event, including Clay County Judge Gary Howell, Piggott Mayor Jim Poole and City Clerk Ramona Magee.

Those wanting additional information on the offerings at the Piggott Public Pool may call Manager Julie Davis at 870 598-2911. For more on the World's Largest Swimming Lesson visit their website at www.WLSL.org

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