Mohawk Alumni Football Games Draws Big Crowd

Thursday, July 9, 2015
Two of the more veteran players on the roster, Neil Morgan (left) and Daniel Gossett exchange wishes of good luck prior to the first series of the alumni contest Friday night at Parker Field.

A large crowd packed Parker Field on Friday, July 3, as the odd number year graduates took on the evens in the Piggott Mohawk alumni football game. Nearly 50 players suited-up for the contest, with the two teams coached by former Mohawks Troy Crawford and Shawn Parker. And, when the dust had settled late that evening the even number squad had held-on for a 6-0 win.

The contest, which was held as a fundraiser for the Mohawk football program and cheerleaders, attracted players from four decades of PHS football, with Neil Morgan of the class of 1984 earning the distinction as the most "experienced" of the participants.

There were 25 players on the victorious even team roster, as they dressed out for the contest in black. They included, Austin Murray (2014), Wes Harmon (2002), Wes Gautreux (2004), Jake Vannada (2004), Morgan Burns (2006), Walter Rau (2002), Jacob Tinsley (2012), Marshall Householder (2000), Chris Burns (2008) Scott Redmon (1992), Nick Haywood (2014), Heath Wilburn (1998), Colin Speer (2012), Ridge Holifield (2012), Taylor Wood (2010), Kirk Morley (2002), Jake Jones (2004), Josh Crabtree (2000), Carey Rau (2004), Daniel Landrum (2000), David Blackburn (2010), J. T. Wilson (2012), Kaleb Buetel (2004), Dusty Skaggs (2008), Daniel Chandler (2010) and Neil Morgan (1984).

Members of the even year Mohawk grads take the field Friday night prior to the start of the alumni game. The evens would eventually prevail over their odd-number foes by a final score of 6-0.

Meanwhile, the 23 members of the odd number team dressed in red and their roster included, Daniel Gossett (1995), Matt Spence (2001), Alek Samples (2011), Lucas Brewer (2013), Drew Woolverton (2001), Billy Joe Seal (1995), Adam Staples (1997), Luke Yount (2011), Jason Tillman (1997), T. J. Harris (2007), Clint Bellers (1999), Dustin Bellers (2001), Josh Spence (2003), Kyle Phillips (2005), Tim Winberry (1999), Wes Woods (2009), Aaron Chase (2003), Bryan Samples (2015), Brad Holifield (1995), Roger McCullum (2011), Will Daffron (2011), Logan Murray (2013) and Cord Pike (2009).

The lone score came on the opening drive of the contest, as Householder led the even team with several runs and pass completions. The only touchdown of the night was scored as Householder hit Kaleb Buetel with a pass in the back of the end zone, and just over the outstretched hands of defender Jason Tillman. But, the point after try was no good, and the final score was set.

Organizers offered their thanks to all the players, volunteers and fans who made the contest possible.

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