Champs Crowned in Summer Tennis League

Thursday, July 30, 2015
Senior boys division winners were, from left: Quinton Mauldin, Shawn-Hudson Seegraves, Kyle Allman, Nicholas Harris, and Tyler Peters.(courtesy photo)

The Piggott Summer Tennis League wrapped up last week, with the junior boys, senior girls and senior boys tournaments at the municipal courts. The league is held each summer at the local courts, hosted by longtime PHS tennis coach Paul Seegraves and his family.

Junior Boys

A total of 15 young men took part in the junior boys division this year, and the tournament was played Monday, July 20. The group was divided into three divisions, and played a round-robin format for medals. They were then seeded to play in the championship/consolation tourney.

Winners in the senior girls division were, from left: Emilee Seegraves, Macey Williams, Brooke Roberts, Callie Henson, and Destini Chase.(courtesy photo)

In the championship tournament, in the first round Avery Putt defeated Jake Toombs 5-3; Aaron Mauldin downed Tyson Peters 4-2; black division winner Nate Brantley got by Adam Fuller in a forfeit; Cooper Harris downed Cason Maynard 4-0; Aden Baggett defeated Colton Higgins 4-0; Jackson Howell beat Lawson Tompkins on a forfeit and Joe Carpenter beat white division winner Kade Johnson 4-2.

In the second round red division winner Shawn Hudson-Seegraves defeated Putt 4-0; Mauldin downed Brantley in a forfeit; Harris defeated Baggett 4-0 and Howell downed Carpenter 4-0.

In the semi-finals it was Seegraves over Mauldin 4-0 while Howell defeated Harris 4-0.

Winners in the junior division were, from left: Shawn-Hudson Seegraves, Jackson Howell, Cooper Harris, Aaron Mauldin, Aden Baggett and Kade Johnson. Not pictured is Nate Brantley.(courtesy photo)

And, in the championship it was Seegraves winning his third straight with a 4-0 win over Howell. This marked his 19th career title.

In the consolation tournament first round action, Peters was a winner over Adam Fuller in a forfeit; Higgins beat Maynard 4-0 and Johnson got the forfeit from Tompkins. In the second round Carpenter beat Toombs 4-2; Baggett downed Peters 4-1; Higgins beat Brantley in a forfeit and Johnson downed Putt 4-2.

In the semi-finals it was Baggett over Carpenter 4-0, while Higgins defeated Johnson 4-1. And, in the final it was Baggett over Higgins 5-3

Senior Girls

A number of senior high girls didn't participate this year, so several younger players were moved up to fill out the bracket. There were two divisions of three each for the round-robin, with two additional girls added for the bracket.

In the first round red division winner Emilee Seegraves beat Chloe Matthews in a forfeit; Brooke Roberts downed Shi Higdon 6-3; Callie Henson beat Destini Chase 6-4 and black division winner Macey Williams downed Alex McDaniel in a forfeit. In the semi-finals Seegraves beat Roberts 6-0 and Williams got by Henson 6-1. And, in the final it was Seegraves over Williams 6-1 for her 15th career title.

In the consolation championship, Chase defeated Higdon 6-2.

Senior Boys

Nine boys took part in the senior division, including fifth grader Seegraves who was added due to his success in the junior division. They also played a round-robin format and were seeded for the tournament.

In the championship tournament first round it was Isaac Morris over Carrington McDaniel in a forfeit. In the second round red division winner Quinton Mauldin beat Morris 6-0; Nicholas Harris downed Caleb Higgins 7-5j; Kyle Allman defeated Beau Jett 6-4 and black division winner Seegraves downed Tyler Peters 6-2.

In the semi-finals it was Mauldin over Harris 6-1 while Seegraves beat Allman 6-2. And, in the third place game it was Allman over Harris 6-1. Meanwhile, in the championship set Mauldin won his third consecutive title with a 6-3 win over Seegraves.

In the consolation tourney, Jett downed Morris 6-0 in the first round. In the semi-finals it was Higgins over McDaniel in a forfeit while Peters defeated Jett 6-3. And in the consolation championship it was Tyler Peters over Caleb Higgins 7-5.

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