Friday Night Kick-Off Planned for Rector Labor Day

Thursday, July 30, 2015
The Ultimate Oldies' Richie Williams, Shannon Freeman, Ryan Fisher, Craig Morris and Sam Morris unite to perform "The Book of Love" during last years show in Rector. (File photo)

Nothing can rival barbecue, beauty pageants and bingo on Labor Day in Rector unless it's a kick-off concert. Getting ready for Labor Day includes planning festivities for everyone.

Families clean up lawn furniture and plan a visit with longtime friends. Crowds buy barbecue and funnel cakes, tickets for the drawings and quilts and get wristbands for the rides. Donations and proceeds support the Woodland Heights Cemetery, as always.

Families drive in from hundreds of miles away. Some people drive in from across the street. Houses fill with guests and children squeal, hug on their grandparents, splash in the pool and run through the sprinkler with cousins.

People chat about the "good ole' days" and wax nostalgic about "remember when."

Beautiful babies, snazzy sons and darling daughters vie for pageant titles. New generations ride the rides until the carnies turn out the lights. The Helping Hands Foundation's 5K Run/Walk begins early Saturday morning. Family groups and individuals sport the 2015 Labor Day Picnic t-shirt at the Labor Day Parade, grabbing their own special seating or standing spots.

But before the Saturday morning 5K run/walk, before the Hall of Fame Induction and Luncheon, before the parade and the day full of excitement at Memorial Park, there's something else and it's in the fourth year paired with Rector's Labor Day Celebration. It's a concert on Friday night.

Not just any concert. The Concert to end all concerts. The Ultimate Oldies Concert at the Rector Community Center. Music lovers should arrive before the music begins at 7 p.m.

It's time to get a ticket and write Ultimate Oldies on the Labor Day calendar that you'll post on the refrigerator. Sept. 4 is the date. Tickets are $15 and can be obtained at the Rector Water Department or by calling (870) 595-3035.

Who could resist a packed house swinging and swaying, rocking and rolling, singing along with the band and vocalists, pretending to be backup singers or solo performers without benefit of karaoke?

Class reunion groups could reserve a block of tickets. Hearing those great songs the class remembers could only be better if those attending the reunion heard them once again with classmates. Dancing might break out and you'd miss it if you were not there, tapping your foot to the rhythm of the rock 'n roll bass guitar.

If your class or your family, if you as an individual or a couple would like up-close-and-personal, front section seating, you can, for the first time, secure a spot in the reserved section with a ticket price of $20 each.

The talented musicians who comprise the troupe for Ultimate Oldies could perform in Las Vegas, Branson, Dollywood or on Broadway. But they don't. They have real jobs throughout Northeast Arkansas. They don't perform in Rector for free -- and shouldn't. They rehearse extensively and showcase technology that makes the performance top-flight. They are incredible talents and the Rector Community Center Committee is happy to meet their price.

It's the profit from the concert that the Community Center needs, however.

Projects completed recently from fundraising efforts and generous donations include upgrades in stage, lighting, air conditioning and use of state-of-the-art technology. The utility bills at the center have been reduced significantly by the upgrades.

One of the next upgrades is improvement in flooring in the executive meeting room so all rooms can be used more efficiently. The center is booked by citizens throughout east Clay County.

If Labor Day needs a kick-off party, it's ready. Refreshments will be sold and the musical feast will be held on Friday night, Sept. 4, at 7 p.m. at the Rector Community Center. It's the Ultimate in parties, rivaling American Bandstand and Jersey Boys, Live!

Tickets now are available. Reserve your class reunion group seating, get a section for your family, gather a good-time bunch of friends, or purchase two tickets for you and your all-time sweetheart. Even the kids love to "Celebrate Good Times."

Reserved seating tickets are $20 each. General admission tickets are $15 each. Call (870) 595-3035.

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