Memorial Tile Fundraiser for Rector Museum

Thursday, July 30, 2015
Rector museum director Johnny Williams shows a memorial tile he ordered in remembrance of his parents, Ora L. Williams and Arley O. Williams, along with a few of the scenes of Rector depictions. Memorial tiles will be placed on a wall inside the new museum.(TD photo/Jessica Rainwater)

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

This is the motto museum director Johnny Williams has been living by since he began to renovate the old Underwood building on Main Street, which will house Rector's Museum in the future.

After being turned down for two community grants, Williams still maintains his zeal for the cause and, even though he has applied for another grant, alternative fundraising efforts have jumped to the forefront.

The museum is selling tiles, mouse pads and coffee mugs depicting scenes from Rector over several years, including Rector grade school and high school in 1908, 1935 and 1953, as well as newer scenes such as the downtown park and local churches.

The museum is also offering memorial tiles on which pictures of loved ones can be placed. The memorial tiles will be displayed on a memorial wall in the new museum in remembrance of loved ones passed on.

A six-by-six tile can be purchased for the price of $13; a 12X12 for $30; a 9X12 for $30. Mousepads can be purchased for $15. An 11-ounce mug can be purchased for $13 and a 15-ounce mug for $16. All items can be custom-made for $5 more, including memorial tiles. Shipping fees will be added if delivery is out of town.

Williams said the idea to sell tiles began at The Treasure House in Paragould. He had noticed the product and approached the owner about selling tiles for the museum as a fundraiser. He agreed and Williams said proceeds from the tiles will go into making the museum's new location suitable for the town's history. The museum is currently located in the Rector Public Library and has become too small to accommodate the amount of items the museum has collected.

Order forms can be picked up at the Rector Public Library, Rector City Hall and The Corner Bookstore. Order forms are also available at under the museum tab or by calling Williams at (870) 595-4033.

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