New Equipment Acquired by Emergency Task Force

Thursday, July 30, 2015
Members of the Clay County Emergency Task Force show-off the new Res-Q-Tube, which was purchased with grant monies. Task Force members pictured are, from left: Justin Jackson, Jase Speer, Michael Turner and Jeff Wolfenberger.(courtesy photo)

Members of the Clay County Emergency Task Force have received delivery of the new Res-Q-Tube recently purchased with grant monies. The tube is designed to be used in the event of a grain bin entrapment.

Made up over several panels, once secured around a person the tube serves to shield the victim from additional grain, and manage the pressure and danger of efforts the grain from around them the bin.

According to the manufacturer, GSI, on average more than 40 grain bin entrapments occur each year in the United States. Statistics also indicate about 70 percent of those accidents occur on the farm, although an increasing number are also occurring at commercial locations.

In an effort to be ready for such an emergency, the Clay County Emergency Task Force recently applied for a grant for $5,000 to purchase a Res-Q-Tube and their request was approved.

The next step in their plan of action is to seek donations, and plan fundraisers, in an attempt to purchase needed equipment and accessories and obtain training. The long-range plan also calls for purchasing a second Res-Q-Tube, so that one may be located in both the eastern and western districts of the county.

In the near future, Emergency Task Force members along with personnel from local fire departments will also be taking part in specialized training in use of the device.

Those wanting more information about making a donation toward the effort may call the Clay County Office of Emergency Management at 870 598-5365 or contact any member of the Emergency Task Force.

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