Skateboard Committee Formed in Rector

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A group of Rector teenagers, along with city employee Christina Boyd, are beginning a skate park committee after some local residents have complained about skateboarding on city streets and sidewalks.

The city council approved a resolution in the past not allowing wheels on Main Street sidewalks, including skateboards and bicycles, after complaints from citizens, but the lines of where skateboarding is allowed and not still seem to be blurry.

Boyd began her work with the city a few months ago and at the time she was hired mayor Teresa Roofe asked Boyd to look into possibilities for a skate park. Boyd has reached a point in her research where she has decided to begin a skate park committee to begin finding ways to fund the project, as well as gathering adequate feedback to ensure the park will be safe and fun for the local children.

The first meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 8, at the NEA Innovative Center downtown. Boyd asks everyone interested in the park to join the committee.

Skateboarding is often deemed unsafe, and stigmas are attached to the sport, usually until someone becomes famous doing it. However, like any other sport, children should have the opportunity to enjoy it.

"It's a sport, just like football," Rector local Dillan Hopson said.

His mother, Dawn Hopson, was also present at the interview. "I can understand the concern for the children skateboarding without a proper outlet or area," she said, "This is why it's important that we provide a safe area for the children to entertain themselves."

Boyd and Hopson expressed the need for the community to get behind the project as the city council has already shown its support. "It's recreational for young people, and very much needed in Rector," Boyd said.

Skateboarding does come with risk and a certain amount is realized by the children involved in the sport locally, but only having streets and sidewalks to use can be dangerous as well. At times streets and sidewalks can provide dangerous situations as asphalt is not always smooth, burs and cracks can cause problems. Also, when using skateboards on city streets, vehicles become a hazard.

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